Last week, I had a session with my financial strategist for my business, then the next day I had a Skype session with my EFT coach. One day I was putting together a strategic breakdown of where money is coming into my business and then next day I was tapping energetic pressure points to release blocks around having conversations about money.

I work with a business strategist to put plan into place within my business and work with a practitioner to do energy work once a month to strengthen my intuition around my choices.

I believe there are two interconnected paths to success and happiness: the practical and the energetic.

Some people cringe or roll their eyes when they hear the word manifesting. Other people are so sure that manifesting works that they don’t think they have to do anything else.

I believe there is a practical and a woo-woo way to get to your business goals. I believe you need a strategic plan to get to the numbers you want to reach, and then I believe you have to ask the universe to help you get there.

I believe in strategic manifesting.

So, just what is strategic manifesting? It starts with a realistic goal that is based in numbers and solid business strategy.

How much revenue do you need to bring in to support your business and your family the way you would like? How much time do you have to work with your one on one clients? How many consult calls do you need to conduct to convert the right number of clients into your group program? That is the number part.

Knowing what you have to do to get to the numbers is the strategy part. What package do you need to create in your business that allows you to serve the right number of people at the right price point to reach your financial goals? Who is the right person for this offer and where will you find them?

That’s the strategic part; now the manifesting part. Need 12 clients? Make 12 boxes on your dry erase board right over your desk and visualize each empty box with the name of your dream client. Want to double your income this year? Write that goal number on a card and recite it every night before bed.

Strategic manifesting is the blend of asking the universe for what you want and then committing to what you are going to do to get there. It’s a way to connect your vision with your action.

Want to try a bit of strategic manifesting yourself? Answer the following questions (adapted from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, even he believed in strategic manifesting though he didn’t call it that):

  • What is the exact (measurable) thing I want? Choose a trackable set number (a dollar amount, a list size, a client number a sales goal).
  • What am I going to do to get to this number? What action are you willing to take to get to this goal? This action step has to be something you are 100% in control of. So your action step can’t be to “sell 10 spots,” because despite our best intentions, we are actually not in control of what others do (buy our program) we are only in control of what we do (send out 50 private invitations emails to my ideal clients).
  • When am I going do this by? Set a date or a deadline to accomplish your task.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.08.17 PMCreate a way to visually remind yourself of your goal and what you are willing to do to get there.

This can be writing your goal and plan on a card and reciting it every day. This can be creating a way to visually track your goal and your progress. This can be sharing your goal out loud with someone who will help hold you accountable.

Convince yourself that this will be true.

Envision yourself with your goal completed. You have to be so determined to have the thing you want that you are already convinced that you will have it.

You have to desire something specific—and then back it with a plan to get there.

Ready to manifest your own goals and put a plan into place to make it happen? Download your free goal tracker here.

What are you going to manifest—or what have you manifested? I’d love to hear in comments.