Whether you are launching your new website or trying to sell your latest product or service, there’s one thing you want to include.


Most of us know we need them, but most people don’t like asking for them. What if they say no? Maybe they don’t have anything nice to say. They’re too busy. . . We make up all these stories about why we shouldn’t ask for testimonials, when the truth is most people are happy to give them.

Here’s the thing, it’s usually our clients that are nervous about writing a testimonial for us.  They loved working with us, or our product and they want to do us proud and help us get more clients. They are nervous about saying the right thing and giving you the stellar review you deserve, so they procrastinate getting you that testimonial while they try to think of the perfect reply.

The best way to avoid this, is to actually write the testimonial for your client.  I know this might seem a little sideways, writing your own glowing review, but with my 4 steps to a perfect testimonial template, you can help you client get started in a way that is genuine and completely authentic.

Let’s get past that fear, and put clients and customers’ praise to work.

4 Steps to the Perfect Testimonial

Getting great testimonials is an art. The best way to do it is to make it easy for people to say just the right things:

  1. Start with what you need the testimonial to say. Do you want to focus on results, your character, your customer service, your product? What are your values in that area? Is personal connection important, is high return on investment, is it speed?
  2. Think of a specific example. When did you show up for your client in that way. When did you over deliver? When did you get them great results? When did you get on the phone with them on a weekend to help them through a struggle or help them meet a crazy deadline?
  3. Remember their response in that moment. Did they say: “Thanks so much, I was totally stuck, but I’m clear now!” “Wow, I couldn’t have gotten through this without you.” “I can’t believe how quickly you solved that problem.”
  4. Use those answers and write your testimonial from your client’s perspective. Then send it to your client for approval and get it on your web page! (Don’t forget to get a picture, it totally ups your social proof)

With these four steps you can craft testimonials that don’t just praise you, but help your audience feel confident about you and your offering by zooming in on some key aspect of what you do so well.

Build on Testimonials that You Didn’t Ask For

So who do you ask? And when? If you need testimonials right now, think about who you’ve done a stellar job for lately and go through the four steps. Then make testimonial gathering a regular habit.

Ask clients right after they have a breakthrough or your work leads to success or you save them when they are flailing.

And start to pay attention when people say nice things about you. The client who gushes on your coaching call about how your feedback helped her land a big sale. The customer who posts on Facebook that your product is her new go-to gift. The email from a client who is grateful for the aha moment she had while going through your course and the changes it made in her life.

When praise shows up, ask if you can use it as a testimonial:

Lindsey, I’m so glad I helped you get past your block about pricing. Congratulations on landing two clients at your new rates! I love what you said about my process [insert quote here]. Can I use this as a testimonial on my website?

Sometimes you can use just what they said, sometimes you’ll want to ask for a little more. Either way, you are one step closer to a truly heartfelt testimonial.

Testimonials don’t have to be hard for you—or for the people you want them from—even when you hate asking.

P.S. If you’re wondering whether this method really works, don’t take my word for it:

“I was completely nervous and stuck when a friend and past client I asked to write a testimonial responded back asking me to write one for her. Yikes! Megan gave me excellent advice on how to approach this and I wrote an amazing testimonial—without feeling weird—in minutes. I know my friend is going to bless it for me to use…and it is a perfect fit for something I want people to know about me! Thank you, Megan!”
—Krystina Feucht, Modi Marketing