You’re in launch mode: reviewing the sales page your designer just sent, cranking out an extra blog post each week, trying to keep track of the other 674 things you need to do, never mind doing the day-to-day running of your business.

The laundry is piling up. You’ll think to order take-out for dinner at 7PM. You might have showered yesterday . . . or was it the day before? Aaaand, your daughter just got sent home with pink eye. Awesome.

Launching as a Mama CEO is intense. So how do you do it without going insane (or having your family hate you)? You can’t do it without a plan, some support, and some super-basic self-care.

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Your Launch Plan Keeps You on Track

The busier you are, the more you need a plan, and it doesn’t get much busier than launching. There are a lot of extra pieces that go into a launch: new opt-ins, guest posts, sales page, social media plan, podcasts, webinars, setting up your cart . . .

Pro tip: You don’t have to do it all.

You can decide whether you want to do guest posts or webinars as part of your lead-in. You can choose whether Facebook ads make sense or if an Instagram challenge will get you noticed more by the right people. You don’t have to do every possible business idea in this one launch.

And whatever you decide is right for your business, you don’t have to do it all. In fact you shouldn’t. During your launch, rely on your team, your supports, and your family to help you reach your goals.

Even though you don’t have to do it all, there is a lot extra to do, so mapping it all out—What you need and when you need it done, keeps you moving forward instead of getting bogged down in details.

Your Back-Up Plan Saves the Day

Website hacked. Computer crashes. Stomach bug. A key supplier going MIA . . . Name your own launch nightmare here.

Expect things to go wrong. And be ready. The most important part of your launch plan is your back-up plan. Here are a few things to have in your pocket:

  • Emergency tech support
  • A backup designer, writer, VA (put the word out to other Mama CEOs to help or suggest their faves)
  • Options for babysitting/play dates for your kids
  • Popsicles and extra movies on demand should sickness (in your kids) strike
  • A sense of humor (sometimes you just have to laugh).

Don’t go crazy trying to come up with a solution for every contingency, but do be prepared for things to go wrong.

Get Help—and Family Buy In

As part of your planning, think about the help you’ll need. Give your team a heads up that things are about to get busy and what you are building to.  When you’ve mapped out your plan, communicate deadlines and other critical information to your them. The more communication and support you have from your team, the easier it will be. Don’t go into your cave and think you’ll just do it all yourself with things get busy.

If you don’t have a team, think about which pieces it makes the most sense to outsource. Which pieces will be most time consuming for you? Which pieces do you not know how to do? Could a a VA, copywriter, designer, social media manager, or other key supports help you reach your goals. It’s time to hire help.

In addition to your team, get in touch with your partners, fans, and affiliates. You’ll want them to help spread the word.

And don’t forget your family. Kids and partners alike don’t always know what mommy does when she is typing away at her computer, they just see you get more busy, less available and maybe seem more stressed. Having open communication with your family about what is going on, what it is going to look like and how you are all part of the team.

Explain to your partner why the launch is important to you, what it will do for your family and exactly how they can support you. Don’t expect them to guess. If you need them to do an extra morning of school drop off, or take the kids to the park for a few hours, ask. They won’t offer. Not because they don’t want to or don’t love you, but because they don’t know that is what you need. Be specific.

Tell your kids that you will be working extra for a few weeks. Talk to older kids about how they can help—and how you will still be there for them. Talk to younger kids about changes to routines and how you will connect with them. Let everyone know when things will be back to normal. Setting expectations (what to expect from you and what you need from them) brings your family onto your team.

Take Care of Yourself, Mama

We moms tend to be bad about taking care of ourselves. When we get busy, it gets worse. But here’s the thing: your launch will be better if you take care of yourself.

When you don’t do the basics, you get tired, cranky, sick. You don’t think clearly. So commit to showering every day (if you can’t do it as self-care, think of it as an idea generator).

Get outside—fresh air and a quick walk can set you up to crank out the next few things on your list. Drink your water. Don’t skip meals. Set a reminder for yourself.

And get some sleep. I know you don’t have time, but seriously, it makes the rest of it go smoother.

Launching is exhausting—and exciting. It means you are getting your big idea out into the world! Go to it, mama. You got this!

To make it easy for you, I created a tool to track of all the things you need to do—and when you need to do them—to launch.

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Mama CEOs know business and family aren’t compartmentalized, and neither is this plan. Launch Like a Mother keeps your business and your homelife on track during your launch.