Overnight success stories are compelling and inspiring—and, honestly, sometimes a little discouraging. Still dreaming of becoming a household name? Haven’t had a 6-figure launch yet? There’s nothing wrong with you or your business.

We all know it, but sometimes we need a reminder that “instant” growth really takes a lot of time and hard work. What really happens is that you grow your business systematically, step by step.

So if you’re ready to uplevel your business, here are the 10 steps you need to take:

1. Create strong personal values and goals

What is your why for your business? Your why ties into your personal values and how your business intersects with your life. It helps determine your goals. To uplevel your business, know where you are heading. Earlier, I mentioned a 6-figure launch, but maybe that’s not the right goal for your business. Understand what success looks like for your business and what the next level is.

2. Craft your message

A while ago, I talked about your Today Show platform—a concise statement of what you really do and why people buy from you and why you are creating anything to begin with. To uplevel, you need to answer questions like: What do I want to be known for beyond this moment? What do I want to claim to be the thought leader in? What do I want to stand for? Your message is bigger than your products or service. Need help finding it? Try the “But Really” factor method.

3. Know your client

The better you know who you are selling to, the better you can reach them. That means knowing what’s driving them to you, what obstacles they have to overcome to work with you (money, time, feeling worthy?), where and how they like to be contacted (Do they want to listen to a podcast or read your blog? Are they catching up on your email on their phone while waiting at school for pick up or at their desk during the workday or on a tablet in bed?) The more you know, the better you can tailor your offerings and the better you reach the right people.

4. Follow the money

Money can be scary and uncomfortable for business owners. Being successful is not just about making more money, it’s really about knowing the ins and outs of all your money. How much money do you need to bring in to fund the lifestyle you want? How much does your business cost you? How much do you need to be saving for taxes and retirement? Then you need to have a solid pricing strategy for your business. Your price tells a story and attracts the right clients to your business. Knowing #2 and #3 help you make sure you are pricing your offers correctly.

p.s. That 6 figure launch someone is celebrating on facebook? Sometimes that is creative math and sometimes it cost almost 6-figures to get them there…. Don’t let those claims discourage you!

5. Plan your next 90 days

In step 1, we talked about long-term goals. Here’s where you act to move toward those big goals. I love 90-day plans. They’re long enough to keep you looking forward, but focused enough to demand action. In 90 days, you can go from idea to launch—with a good plan to guide you. Plus I find that every three months or so, things are changing in our lives or businesses, so it’s important to revisit and shift. This is one of the first steps I do with my private clients and the first thing we do in my signature program, the Mama Mastermind.

6. Build your offer

Always focus on results. If you work with me, you’ll hear me say this over and over again. Once you know your client needs and your message, your offer is an intersection of the results you can get for your client and your business needs and goals. If you’re just getting started or need to bring in money fast, you may want to go with a 1-on-1 offer. If you’re looking to scale, you may be looking at group programs or diversifying by adding a recurring revenue stream. Keep circling back to your client needs to make sure you’re staying on target.

7. Launch your offer

Launching is essential, but it can be exhausting. There are a lot of pieces to keep track of and a lot of plates to keep spinning. I’ve made it easier. Get Launch Like a Mother, your Mama CEO checklist to launching while staying (mostly) sane. And remember, launching is exciting—it’s getting your big idea out into the world!

8. Deal with the fear

OK, this is a big one. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, fear has a way of creeping in as comparisonitis or in not trusting our own expertise. Fear is going to keep coming along for the ride, so we need to, as Elizabeth Gilbert says, make fear ride in the backseat. Fear is such a big one, I’m going to focus on mindset next week.

9. Sell

In order for you to uplevel your business, you are going to have to sell your product or services. I know that sounds obvious, but actually “selling” is usually the hardest part of upleveling. Especially for people that love planning ( ::ahem:: ) it is easy to get caught up in perfecting the sales page, planning the launch, writing blogs, and cleaning out your office for the 9th time (am I right?) and procrastinate the actual selling. But if your business is going to grow, you have to let people know what you have to offer (and how much it costs.) I see so many people put so much effort into creating their offer and then quietly push out a few social media posts or one email to their list and when they don’t get the response they want, they think “oh, my offer must not be good” and they go back into planning mode. You have to work hard, and keep working at the marketing and selling part (some experts say 60% of your time should be spent on marketing!) to see growth.

And remember how I talked about focusing on the results when you are crafting your offer? Focus on those results again when you are selling your offer. People want the end result, they are less concerned with the details if you can get them the result they need. Sell that.

10. Crush your customer service

You can have the greatest product or service ever, but if you customers can’t get their questions answered or feel like their concerns don’t matter to you, they’ll go away unsatisfied. (To uplevel your customer service, check out this post.) Good customer service is like icing on the cake for somebody who loves your offerings. Great customer service can save your butt when a client is dissatisfied. Think about it. Have you ever called to complain about service or something you bought and walked away from the exchanged giving the company thumbs up? That’s the power of customer service.

Want support to finally take your business to the next level?

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