When’s the last time you took a break?

Last summer I took a 3-week break—without breaking my business. This summer, I’m planning on doing it again. Last summer, I learned that the best thing I could do for my business is take some time off (and not just because I don’t have childcare.)

A lot of Mama CEOs want the flexibility of running their own business so that they can be there for their kids. In theory, this is great, but then comes summer vacation and a long stretch of time to occupy with your kids. It’s easy to drop into panic mode.

What if it wasn’t about how was I actually going to work while my kids are home or how am I going to give my kids the kind of summer I want to give them when I have all this work to do? What if it was about how you can can do both?

My goal is to thrive this summer—to take time off, do fun stuff with my kids, and keep my business humming (so that I stay on my goals and set up for an amazing fall—because, as we all know, September is the new January when it comes to Mama CEOs!)

What You Need to Thrive

Here’s what’s in my summer survival thrive kit:

  • A word or “feel” for the summer—Is this the summer of exploration? Do you want to feel relaxed this summer or charged? Maybe your business word is steady and your family word is connected.
  • My business and family bucket lists—Start by knowing what you want to do as a family and in your business. I handed my 2nd grader my phone one day while we were driving and he typed a list of all the summer ideas he, his sister and I could brainstorm, from camping to going to Chuck E Cheese, getting them involved in the process makes sure I know what is important to them too.
  • A realistic plan—Key word realistic. Whether it’s a family outing or a business project, tack a time to it so you can plan accordingly. You may not get to everything on your bucket lists, but if you make a doable plan, you can make time for key business and family goals.
  • Go-to resources—What are the pool hours? When is the summer program at the library? Who’s open late if you need to work outside the house? Babysitter phone numbers? Pet sitter for that last minute overnight trip?
  • Supplies—Sunscreen, bug spray, new flip flops. . . how about craft supplies or new games to keep kids busy? Once you have your bucket list, stock up in one big trip (or Amazon shopping spree) to save time running to the store. Keep a reminder in your grocery list about perishables (hello, popsicles and ice cream) that you need to get someplace close to home.
  • Support—Support is just as important (if not more so) in the summer. If you have a spouse, talk about expectations? Will they take the kids to do something on their flex day? Will you work one weekend and spend family time another? And think about other people: Do you have a friend who might swap childcare during those weeks you don’t have camps scheduled? Any college or high school age kids home who might want to pick up some work?I’m looking into getting some extra support in my business too. While so many college-aged kids are home for the summer and wanting to make some extra money, I’ve started interviewing for a ‘summer intern’ in my business. My goal is to have this person take on some of the projects my team and I never have time for during the year (like organizing my google drive!)
  • The right mindset—It’s easy to feel like you don’t have time to take a break this summer or to look at your business as getting in the way of family fun or vice versa. But by changing how you think about it, you can shift from surviving this summer to thriving this summer.A great article was circulating the interwebs the other day about changing the word “have to” to “get to” when it comes to the thing we need to do in our lives. Being a Mama CEO and the #defaultparent means I “get to” be the one to stay home with a sick kid and I get to be the one to take the Ferry to San Francisco with my kids on a random Wednesday this summer. It’s all in the mindset.

Last weekend kicked off the summer season. My kids are counting down the last few days of school. And I’m getting excited for a really awesome summer—for me, for my family, and for my business. What about you?


Your Best Summer Yet!

How to thrive, not just survive, as a Mama CEO this summer

Wednesday 6/8
10am (pdt)/1pm (edt)

If you’re scrambling for one more camp or wondering when you’re actually going to get work done this summer, I hear you! Every summer, I used to go into summer survival mode.

But not this summer!

What if you could change your mindset from surviving the summer to thriving this summer?

Ready to make this Your Best Summer Yet?

The best for your family, the best for you, and the best for your business.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • How returning to your values and goals will help you plan your summer
  • How to be realistic instead of idealistic or frustrated
  • How to fill out a brand new tool (The Mama CEO Triad) to make sure all the things that you want to include this summer work.

Your life isn’t compartmentalized, your business planning shouldn’t be either. I’ll show you how to plan your summer so you feel fulfilled in your business, your family and your personal life.

And I’m going to show you how to do this over and over again, even after summer is over.

Sign up below and we’ll see you there!

Wednesday 6/8
10am (pdt)/1pm (edt)