I hear you already, “Megan, the next 90 days are summer! There is no way I can rock it. I have to wait until fall to really move my business forward again” But I’m here to tell you, you can rock your summer and your business.

I moved out of survival mode this summer. I’m set to meet goals in my business NOW and set myself up for fall (without giving up family vacation and the other things on my family’s summer bucket list.)

So what are you going to do over the next 90 days?

Instead of trying to see what you can eke out in this busy, shape-shifting season, set a plan that takes into account your goals for my business and the reality of your family life in summer. Make it firm enough that you can move forward, but flexible enough that you can enjoy some down time and family time.

I’ve mapped out the five steps you need to take to rock your next 90 days in your business and family (the next 90 days and beyond!):

1. Return to your values and goals.

At the core of all your business plans and strategy are your values and goals. Staying clear on your values gives you a guiding force behind every decision and help you decide what you will and won’t do to reach your goals.

Your values and a theme word act as a filter for all the millions of decision you have to make as a business owner. Maybe you’ve set a theme word of ‘focused’ this summer. Then you can ask yourself, “how can I set up my day to have more focus time?” Or if your value for this summer is “flow” then each choice you come up against, you can decide “does this help me stay in flow this summer?”

2. Set your anchor goals.

I recommend limiting your goals. I don’t mean thinking small, but sometimes we get so excited we want to do it all at once. That’s a recipe for failure. Instead, focus on one key goal and let everything else flow back to that. An anchor goal keeps your goals (and you) from being spread too thin.

If your goal is to fill your 1 on 1 practice, the rest of your goals should help you do that exact thing. If you’re planning a two-week vacation, choose a goal that’s doable with that family anchor in place.

3. Set your metrics.

Don’t assume you’ll know success when you see it. Setting clear metrics helps you know when you’ve reached your goal. It also gives you framework to show that you are making progress (always helpful for motivating you to keep going) or not (an indication you need to make some changes).

Knowing exactly what you need to do to hit a goal (exactly how many spots to sell, exactly how many personal connections to make, exactly how many pitch letters to send out,) not only lets you know when you’ve reached the goal, but also how to plan for it. What to pitch ten podcasts to be featured on? Then you know you need to send one letter week this summer, build that into your schedule.

4. Deal with fear.

You can set your goals and metrics and have a great plan, but if you get bogged down in fear, you won’t go anywhere. Be aware and have a plan for the general “I’m not an expert” fear many all Mama CEOs face at some point. And don’t get sidetracked by objections that fear throws up as a mask, like “People are busy right now. I’ll have to wait to launch.”

Oh and one more fear to deal with, especially in summer. FOMO. Don’t let fear of missing out keep you from hitting goals this summer. With a realistic plan, you can hit your goals and the beach (or whatever your summer dream day is).

5. Map it out.

Summer tends to make us idealistic (or even more so than usual). Sure we can make the birthday party, spend time at the beach, and go to the fireworks. I’ll get up early for my client call and write my blog on my phone while the kids play. But is that really going to happen?

Being realistic in our planning is always critical. That’s why I always include how long a task will take on my planner. If you add up all your tasks for the day and they’re going to take 6 hours and you have 4 hours to work, it ain’t gonna happen.

Summer days are long, and here in June, August looks far away. But think honestly about what you can accomplish (and what you want to happen for yourself and your family), over the next three months. If you’re realistic, you’ll get better results and less frustration.

Once you’ve decided on your definite to dos, map it out. Take the long-term approach to get an overview of the season. And then break it down. What will you do each week—and day—to keep yourself moving forward.

That’s it—five steps to rock your next 90 days! I can’t wait to hear what you are going to do this summer in your business and with your family.

To help you rock your next 90 days, I’ve put together a self-paced course for planning your summer (and the next 90 days and the next . . . ). With a workbook, action based worksheets, and videos to guide you through each step, you’ll get clear on what you need to do to move your business forward + enjoy your summer!

Ready to rock?


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