I hate these short camp days. It’s so tough to get anything done.

We went to the fireworks last night, and my kids loved it. But today, MELTDOWN. Gotta get out of the house if I’m going to wrap up my sales page.

Can we say massive diaper blowout? Ten minutes before a client call—at least they aren’t in my house (gag).

Do you ever feel like people just don’t get what you do? You’re not a stay at home mom, but you don’t go to the office. And at the same time, you see all these people online who look like they’re hitting 6-figure launches without anyone puking on them or begging for money for the ice cream truck in the middle of a sales call.

Being a mama CEO can be a little lonely, and it can be even harder in the summer.

Our kids are out of routine. We’re out of routine.

We’re scrambling to find enough time for business and enough time for family. And if things slow down, it brings its own challenges (hello, cash flow).

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was somebody who just “got” it?

You may have friends who are moms or who run their own businesses, but you need people who understand what it is to do both of these things at once. You need Mama CEO soul sisters.

Somebody to comment on your sales page—and talk to you about teething. Or brainstorm with you about up-leveling while commiserating about kids playdate drama.

A business bestie who can talk you through (or out of) launching your new package—during your kid’s school vacation week.

You need people who get that your kids are important—and so is your business.

Surround yourself with the village it takes to raise your kids—and the network it takes to grow your business.

Your Mama CEO soul sisters are both.

They get it.

You can continue to love (and find challenging) being a mom. You can keep growing your business. And you can stop feeling so alone.

Are you still looking for your mama CEO soul sisters?

Get ready to meet them in Mama CEO Mastery, an intimate group mentorship program that focuses on helping you create a more profitable business through the action plan to get there and the like-minded support of other Mama CEOs to advise, collaborate (and sometimes commiserate).

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In the meantime, here are my tips for ending Mama CEO Isolation:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Be specific about what you need and from whom. Do you need your partner to take the kids out of the house for 1 hour? Say that, don’t say “These kids are making it hard to get anything done!” While the answer seems obvious, it’s not a direct request
  2. Preface the kind of response you want. Do you need to just vent to your business girlfriend or do you really want advice? Both are totally cool, just be clear! Sometimes I just want someone to hear me when I say I’m feeling overwhelmed, other times I want someone to point out how I’m being unreasonable about a frustration.
  3. Plan Ahead. Plan in work time and family time so you can look forward to both. Don’t try to fly by the seat of your pants. If that means actually planning the days you will shower this week (come on, I’m not the only one) then do it. Don’t just assume time will crop up. If you want to get in a hike before your workday starts, plan it. If you want an hour to go through an educational webinar while on vacation, plan it. If you want a massage one evening after you have been alone with the kiddos all day…book it. It won’t magically happen.

If you want to know exactly what you should be working on every time you sit down at your desk, no matter how limited your time, all while increasing your profits—and you want your own village + network—you belong in the Mama CEO Mastery.

Whether you’re getting ready for your first launch—or looking to scale, you’ll connect with the right people in Mama CEO Mastery.