What would it look like for you if your spouse really supported your business?

Maybe they do, but you wish they’d help more with the kids. Or they’re great until your launch collides with their board meeting.

They’re behind you, but they don’t get why the house is a mess and nobody made dinner.

And when you work from home and your schedule is flexible, it’s easy for people—even your spouse—to forget that you work.

Being a mama CEO is hard enough without feeling like you could use a little more support, so today we’re tackling how to get your spouse on board with your business.

Check out my favorite talking points:

I should say that I know my husband totally supports my business, but using these tips has helped me feel more supported and get the real-time help I need.

So how do you initiate this conversation? Four ideas:

  • Call a business meeting—Set up a time to talk in-depth just about your business.
  • Make it part of family planning—Include business events, appointments, etc. when you plan family schedules. Use family budgeting to talk about your business income projections.
  • Start with a celebration—Open a bottle of champagne to celebrate a win in your business. Use that as a jumping off point to talk about what you need to have more success.
  • Use technology to your advantage—Do you and your spouse communicate best by text? Start the conversation that way.

However you do it, be prepared!

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