Ah, September! My kids are back in school, and I’m back to business.

Don’t get me wrong. I worked all summer and made some significant action on key business decisions, like making the upgrades and fine tuning the upcoming round of the Mama Mastermind.

Still something about the mental change of season as the kids go back to school and Labor Day comes and goes helps me settle down. It’s like refocusing in January after the distractions of the holidays, and the fresh slate of a new calendar.

Yes, for Mama CEOs, September is the new January.

So, Mama, Happy New Year!!

If you’re aren’t celebrating yet, don’t worry. I was almost in tears last week because of a perfect trifecta:

  • I had so much work to do
  • I wanted to spend the last few days of summer vacation with my kids
  • And at the same time they were driving me crazy (because they had spent too many days of summer vacation together)

The tension of Mama and CEO was strong. I’m gearing up for a launch, and I have a big family transition happening with back to school (including my daughter starting kindergarten!). So I took my own advice; I took a step back, reassessed exactly what needed to be done, made sure I was taking care of myself, and had a conversations with my husband (per my last post get your spouse on board with your business.)

My husband took the kids, and I set aside a day as a mini business retreat. That doesn’t mean I sat at my desk for eight hours straight, but everything I did made it super productive.

I went on a hike and took myself out to lunch. In the afternoon, I went to the library where I did a big brain dump of everything that needed to get done and planned out my calendar for the next 3 weeks. My plan included when I would work on everything and what I could outsource.

I had some self care, some alone time to think and some focused work time. I feel much more on track.

I’ve touched base with my goals for the year. I know where I need to put my effort to meet them. I also see where it makes sense to pivot—not change course, but shift it to accommodate new data and new opportunities.

I’m planning on ending the year strong. What about you? We have four more months to succeed this year.

Get organized now. Get focused now. Get ready now to make this a great four months for your business, your family and you.

I highly encourage you to set your own mini business retreat for yourself. And join me for September Is the New January.

Kick off your September with my favorite tools for getting back on track and setting your business up for growth:

  • Set your workflow so you know what you should be working on—and when you shouldn’t be working 😉
  • Email prompts to help you get focused and get stuff done
  • And join me live to celebrate the new year. Here’s to working less and making more money.


Join me for September Is the New January. We start September 8!