We all want somebody who “gets” it, don’t we? We want somebody to talk sales funnels and sleep training with or homework battles and how to set up your new opt-in. Having Mama CEO soulmates helps us feel less alone. But business soul sisters are a major force in our businesses too.

I asked my Mama Mastermind ladies how having business soul sisters helped them. The response was overwhelming, but it came down to three things.

Business soul sisters are your sounding board, think tank and experience bank all in one.

These mamas advise on prices, brainstorm ideas to improve your product or service or opt-in, talk you through setting up a webinar. Jenny Bailey turned to Megan Clarke for help her with her analytics and website. And when Parrish Wilson was wondering if a retainer model might work for her writing-focused business, she hopped on the phone with Sara Barry, who uses a retainer model with her copywriting clients.

Having like minded folks to turn to makes a huge difference in your business. And you aren’t just crowdsourcing this stuff. Business soul sisters know your business and your life—and they get that the two are intertwined.

That means during your in person lunch date, you talk about sales funnels and starting solids. And you might just have a fellow Mama CEO change your baby’s diaper. {True story, the butt wiping part. Business soul sisters really take care of each other.}

But seriously. Kimberly Pollard said, “I received so much support when pretty much everything (and I do mean everything) around me was falling apart. I missed most of the content of the mastermind, but the calls were truly a lifesaver for me.”

And Cathy James told me that “On a group call, Deb Blum totally saw through me and could tell I was struggling. She saw beyond the business call and opened my eyes on a personal level that I hadn’t yet identified.”

Yes, we talk business, but we talk about life too—little challenges like kids who don’t want to go to school and big ones like the death of a parent, and the good stuff, like kids graduating—or eating their green beans even though they were touching the potatoes on their plate. It’s all relevant.

And we talk about the messy intersections of these things, like how to hold a client call when your kids have a snow day or how to keep your business running when you’re sitting by a hospital bed.

This is why I love the group aspect of Mama Mastermind. We talk about it all and we take care of each other on a business level and on a personal level.

Business soul sisters promote each other.

Getting advice from people you trust who know you and having a place where you can celebrate and vent to people who get what’s happening with you and your business is priceless. But business soul sisters become your marketing secret weapon.

While you’re working on growing your list and figuring out boosting posts and the intricacies of Facebook ads, your soul sisters help extend your reach.

They’ll share your blog posts. Tell friends about your awesome new product. Sophie Roy said that her business soul sisters bought her yummy lip balms, posted great reviews, and gave them as client gifts, which led to new customers. Business soul sisters at work.

Your soul sisters will invite others to join your Facebook group. Recommend you as an expert when somebody posts a question in a group they’re in. They add you to their social media scheduler, like Parrish Wilson did for Laura Fragiacomo when Laura launched her new opt-in.

They don’t do it because they’re obligated to, but because they KNOW you. They love you and your product. They trust what you do—and they’re happy to tell others.

Business soul sisters collaborate and use each other’s services.

Need somebody to make your new opt-in look awesome? Trying to figure out analytics? Ready to feel more confident with a new look for fall? Wish you had just a little more energy or could get past the negatives in your head?

Imagine tapping into a group of resources that meet those needs. Plus you get to support a friend. I see this all.the.time with the ladies I work with.

Meg Casebolt got beta testers for her new service—and five business friends got services they needed to move their businesses forward. Then Krystina Feucht hired Meg Casebolt to do ongoing projects for her clients. Win-win.

Julia Sarver runs a group for health and wellness coaches, and brought Joanna Byrne on to talk about EFT, Kimberly Pollard on taming trolls, Sara Barry on editorial calendars, and Parrish Wilson to do a writing workshop. Julia delivers great content to her audience, and the others get in front of a new group of people.

Maria Quintana-Pilling signed up for Julia’s Detox Done program and had great success using it with her clients. Two mama CEOs support each other. Two businesses benefit.

Honestly, I don’t know how anybody survives as a Mama CEO without a business soul sister. I know mine have taught me a ton, helped me refocus when I was getting overwhelmed with ideas, directed me to resources that I love . . . and talked me off the ledge when the mama + the CEO part were starting to feel like too much.

As you can see the Mama Mastermind helps business soul sisters (BSSs?) find each other. The group connections come back again and again as one of the best parts of Mama Mastermind. This time around, I’m hoping to enhance my matchmaking skills too. In addition to the whole group (which is already looking awesome by the way), each mama will be part of a Brain Trust made up of other mama CEOs at the same business stage, so that the support is even more target to each person’s needs.

Find your business soul sisters. Get the support and connection you need as a mama CEO with Mama Mastermind.

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