“I help Mama CEOs find flow between all the hats they wear!”

But sometimes I don’t feel in flow at all. Sometimes I work too many hours getting ready for a launch and sometimes my kids watch too many cartoons so I can do ‘one more thing.’

I worry too if my son is making the right progress in school.

I feel guilty that I made my daughter stay in aftercare even though Kindergarten is a hard transition and maybe she should be home…

I sometimes worry that I didn’t really help that client.

“All you need is a plan.”

Wait…who planned the last week of August with no childcare…but a full calendar of client calls and a full to do list of work to be done? And tried to make it a special ‘last week of summer vacation’ at the same time too?

..oh me…the expert planner.

Sometimes I feel like a fraud.

I feel like I have built a career around helping women build a business they love while still being present for their kids. But I don’t always do it perfectly…or even well myself.

The past 3-4 weeks, I’ve been feeling crazy, I’ve been pulled in so many directions and I wonder if I’m doing anything well.

Then, just as I was nervous about how my son was doing in 3rd grade, my neighbor shared tearily how she is worried about her son. We hugged and I thought….I’m not the only one.

Then a client told me she need to work on valuing her own self worth, and another told me she struggles with her own limiting beliefs and another told me she feels guilty her son is in daycare so much.

And I thought…we are not the only ones.

Then, I hear from a client that our work together has been profound. Or another told me that our hour together was the most productive hour she has spent on her business in 4 years. Or a client ends our call with a simple “I feel so much better.”

And my son gets recognized for helping a new kid -with special needs- get adjusted to his new school. My daughter hugs her new little buddies at school drop off, even though she started the year not knowing anyone.

*and if anyone is wondering….yes I am actually crying while I write this now.

Maybe this is what “flow” is all about?

Sometimes your energy flows and it feels great, and sometimes it eddies around and feels a little stuck.

Sometimes your energy flows more toward your business, sometimes more toward your family.

In parenting, there are days your baby doesn’t sleep and you are exhausted and you wonder how you’ll survive…and then they smile at you or you both sleep for 6 hours straight and you think “I’ve got this.”

There are the days your business feels like a slog, nothing’s going right, and you wonder why the hell you’re doing this. Then you get a client to an aha or get a THANK YOU email or figure out what your next offer is and you think, “I got this.”

I think about the tagline on my website:

All you need is the strategy, a plan and the support to get you there.

I sit down and review my business strategy and create a plan. I reach out to the people who support me.

I put my headphones on and focus on getting my work DONE, because the world needs it! Because I am good at what I do.

And then I close my computer a little early…that blog post can go out a little later in the morning tomorrow. I leave my kids with a babysitter and I get out on the water on my paddle board and I marvel at the beauty and the tranquility. I get home and snuggle and read books with my kids and connect with my husband after his long day.

The to-do list is still there. The homework still has to be done. And the sales page. And the dishes.

I take a deep breath.

This is flow.

I am not a fraud.

You are not one either.

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