You know what I have noticed around this time of year??

Yes, I’ve noticed that Christmas decorations come out a little too soon for my taste, that I love the strangely gross flavor of candy corn and I get to trade my flip flops for boots. But you know what else I’ve noticed?

Accomplished business owners are already starting to plan a successful 2017.

I noticed that the business owners who really seem to thrive, already have their eyes on January and beyond.

Now that is not to say that you should throw in the towel on 2016, quite the opposite. It’s time to finish strong, give this year a final push and set yourself up for 2017.

These business owners know that to really reach the next level, you have to be able to finish strong while still planning how to also start strong.

Finish Strong — Review Goals and Metrics

Start by looking at your goals for the year. What had you hoped to accomplish? What metrics did you set to know how you did?

If you still have goals within reach, now is the time to identify the exact steps you need to take to get there. Get those tasks onto your calendar so you know exactly when you’ll be working towards completing your goals, even with all the extra business that comes up this time of year.

Pro tip: Get accountability. Post your goals publicly. Partner up with another mama CEO to check in weekly or daily or step by step.

If your goals feel out of reach, it’s time to rethink. What can you do to end the year strong? How can this goal push you forward into 2017? You may be thinking, I only have two months – I don’t have time to plan, but moving forward with a plan sets you up for success instead of frazzled activity that may or may not lead anywhere.

Start Strong — Start Now

The most successful mama CEOs are forward thinking. They know that what happens in November and December 2016 is going to feed right into the kind of start they get in 2017.

As you set up your plan for the end of the year, spend a little time thinking about next year. What do you have coming up in early 2017 for your business? If you’re launching in January, you need to get really detailed now. If you have a launch any time in Q1, you’ll want have some vague dates in so you can start laying out the lead-up work you need to do. That may mean creating a new product or it may mean the lead time you need to warm up your audience and start your sales cycle.

For example, I know I run Mama Mastermind in the spring and we usually start late February. So, even though I’m busy running the fall Mama Mastermind, I’ve already sketched out the rough shape of next January into February.

And I was talking to mama CEO Parrish Wilson, who helps women write books that change lives. She’s re-imagining her offerings for next year, so in the next two months, she’s set herself a challenge to talk to 20 women who are ready to self-publish or have publishing a book in 2017 as a goal.

We’re both starting now to make sure we’re ready when January 1 rolls around.

Start Now- Look Back

The other thing I’m doing now to help insure a successful 2017 is analyzing my business and home life for what is working and what isn’t.

Now that we are a full two months into school, I’m rethinking the way I have my childcare structured. I’m looking at my kids’ activites, the way my workdays are scheduled and what our afternoons look like. I’m going to be making some shifts there, testing them out over the next few weeks and have a different system in place in January that will work better for all of us! Giving myself time to make that shift, but also a goal of changing it helps me feel like I’m making progress in a way that best for me and my kids.

I’ve also spend some time analyzing the Fall launch of the Mama Mastermind. I have broken down what worked and what I want to improve upon for the next launch. Knowing that now helps me prepare more successfully (and sanely) when the time rolls around.   

Now is the time to finish strong, so you can start strong.

What can you do to finish strong? And how can you look ahead to a strong 2017?

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