We all want to have a successful business and we sometimes wish there was just a secret formula to learn and BAM – success.

Well…unfortunately that magic bullet doesn’t really exist, but in talking to other accomplished female entrepreneurs, I found there were some strategies that led to success again and again. I’m sharing 6 secrets to my own success along with the insights and strategies of my successful business friends.

To help you translate what you learn to your own business, I’m breaking things down into action steps you can take to duplicate our strategies. Plus I’ll show you how the Mama CEO Planner system sets you up for success.

Ready for success?

6 Secrets to Mama CEO Success


Secret #1: Set big goals and break them down into actionable steps.

“One thing I did in 2016 was set a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal!) and then work backwards to figure out how to achieve it. My goal was to grow my list from around 1800 to 5,000 in 6 months. That meant I needed to average around 550 new people on my list each month. I knew the only way I could make that many was to do webinars, so that’s what I did! And I ended up hitting my goal a month early.”

Lacy Boggs

To Succeed:

  • Set big goals, but break them down by quarter/month/week to make them actionable.
  • Have an overall strategy for your business and then specifics of how you are going to get there.
  • Have a plan—don’t just throw spaghetti at the wall.

Mama CEO Planner System Tools to Use

Your Next 90 Days is a full course on exactly how to set big goals and break them down.

Use the Quarterly Goals, 90-Day Plan, and Week-by-Week planner pages to track goals.

Take Action:

Write down one big goal for 2017.
Now write down 3 smaller pieces of that goal.

Secret #2: Focus on the things that make the biggest impact.

“I write out my to-do list at the beginning of the week. Then I write down my goals every day, and then tweak my daily to-dos to only include the ones that would move me closer to achieving those goals!”

Claire Pelletreau

To Succeed:

  • You don’t have to do ALL.THE.THINGS. Be willing to let things go.
  • Forget about what you should be doing and focus on the things that are right for you and will resonate with your audience.
  • Decide what action will move the needle in your business and get that done first.

Mama CEO Planner System Tools to Use

Use the Weekly Top Priorities and the Daily sections to help you focus on things that will make the biggest impact.

Take Action:

Grab a post it note and write your 2016 FINISH STRONG goal.

Secret #3: Create a weekly workflow that works for you.

The biggest thing I do when I’m in a particularly busy time or need to get ahead is get up early and work first thing in the morning. When no one else is up is a great time to get a lot of sh*t done. I get up, drink some water, get my coffee, and jump into a project (not my inbox). I used to try to work on having a “better” morning routine with more self-care. but it just doesn’t work for me. Getting my biggest work done in the morning sets my days and weeks up for success. When a big piece of my work is handled for the day, the rest of the day flows easier.

Brittany Becher

“Setting healthy boundaries around my work self and my parenting self has helped me work more efficiently. Defining chunks of certain days towards client meetings, sales calls, client work and volunteering in my child’s classroom has been beneficial for both myself and my business partner.”

Sophie Davies

To Succeed:

  • Know what you are working on when.
  • Know your work hours, set boundaries, and be realistic with your time.
  • Be true to yourself and your work style. If you’re a night owl, don’t try to be an early bird. Make time for self-care when it works for you.

Mama CEO Planner System Tools to Use

Use Weekly Workflow page and the tutorial video. Layout each week with the Weekly Plan spread.

Take Action:

Choose one thing in your business or your home life that you can do at a regular time each week. (My favorite simple example is to pick a day and time you always fill up your gas tank.)

Secret #4: Know how you want to feel, and how you want your clients to feel.

“My business took off when I stopped obsessing over which newsletter fonts to use, creating 6 month plans I never followed through on, and checking Facebook every 10 minutes and calling it “research.” Instead I focused on one simple question: “What are this woman’s deepest desires for her body and life and how can I help her get there as quickly as possible?” These powerful conversations transformed my business practically overnight. I stopped making my business about me, and instead made it about Her. This made all the difference.”

Krissy Ruddy, HHC, RYT  

To Succeed:

  • Always start with “How do I want to feel this quarter/month/day?” Then ask yourself what action steps you need to take to get there.
  • Make sure your goals line up with how you want to feel.
  • Create space for both hustle and flow. Sometimes you will push and other times you will flow with what is working.

Mama CEO Planner System Tools to Use

Use the Quarter Grid, Quarter planning page, and the box at top of weekly pages to keep your focus on how you want yourself and your clients to feel.

Take Action:

Ask yourself: How do you want to feel today? Identify one thing that has to happen to get you there.
Every Monday ask yourself: How do I want to feel this week? What 3 things have to happen to get me there?

Secret #5: Track your financials and don’t be scared of them.

One of the most powerful practices in my business is setting financial goals and tracking towards that goal weekly, if not daily. The more intention and thought I have towards it, the better my results. It’s a small act, but that constant check-in makes the day-to-day actions and you can course correct as you go.

Maggie Patterson

I set up You Need a Budget (YNAB) to track my business revenue and expenses. It’s taken the worry and the money guesswork out of my business. Every Monday, I log in and I update YNAB and I can see exactly where my business stands. I’m able to plan my exact next revenue-generating steps on based on what YNAB tells me. It gives me peace of mind and action!

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.

To Succeed:

  • Know how much money you need to make to cover taxes and other expenses. Know your profit goals.
  • Know what kinds of sales you need to make to meet your financial goals.
  • Know what you are earning hourly (even if you don’t charge hourly).
  • Be able to project cash flow.

Mama CEO Planner System Tools to Use

Use the monthly plan, weekly goals, and spot at bottom of the weekly pages for tracking financial goals.

Take Action:

Write down your financial goal for this week. If you don’t already know, commit to looking at your 2016 financials and setting a goal for the rest of 2016.

Secret #6: Make solid, genuine connections.

Send that email, make that contact, introduce yourself, say hello to someone you admire. Being brave, confident, and connected has been the key to success in my business. I’ve met so many new friends and partners by stepping a bit out of my comfort zone and saying hello even when I feel awkward, unworthy, or unsure of myself.

Beryl Young

To Succeed:

  • Love your clients and take a real interest in their success.
  • Give close clients opportunities to be repeat buyers.
  • Build real connections for collaboration, support and (sometimes) venting.

Mama CEO Planner System Tools to Use

Use the Weekly Tracking pages to track ways you’ve connected, people you want to reach out to, and other communications.

Take Action:

Pick one person to reach out to today. It can be a text or an email, a Facebook message, or even a hand-written note. Just make it real and personal.

That’s it—my top six secrets to success. If you haven’t already, take a minute to take some small action steps toward your own success.

I believe the right tools and the right systems are designed to make it easier for us to succeed. That’s why I’ve shared some of the key elements of the Mama CEO Planner system with you.

These are the pages and tools that I use over and over to break down big goals, focus on the most important things, create the changeable workflow that works for me, remember how I want to feel in addition to what I want to do, track my financials, and keep my connections part of my weekly flow.

In other words, the Mama CEO Planner, Your Next 90 Days, and all the other goodies I’ve bundled with it are one more key to my success.

Get your key to success here.