Iphone, Google calendar, ScheduleOnce and basecamp, I love my apps and gadgets as much as the next entrepreneur. But when it comes to my favorite planning tools…they are all are low tech.

My secret: Post-it notes. (If you know me at all, it’s no secret.)

I use Post-it notes in just about every aspect of my business. (In fact, I am running a free planning challenge next week all about Post-its.) I use Post-its to braindump ideas, to map out new offerings, and to create a weekly schedule.

My Post-it note obsession helps me stay grounded and focused on the big picture…or the biggest picture that will fit on a 3 inch square…in both my life and business.

They say that people who write down their goals have a higher rate of achieving them. I use post-its to plan the biggest leaps and highest goals in my business. I brainstorm out my plans to launch a new project, create a new product or double my revenue. I have an entire wall in my office dedicated to my plans to build (and rule) my empire.

Writer Anne Lamott talked about narrowing down an idea to a one-inch square when you are overwhelmed by what you are writing about, I cut back overwhelm one 3-inch square at a time.

I also use post-it notes to bring me back down to earth when my brain gets a little too crazy. There is something awesomely low tech about a piece of paper with some sticky stuff on the back. I love my iDevices and my many apps and software shortcuts. But every single time I get overwhelmed or off track, and I mean every. single. time. I come back to my old friend the Post-it note to pull me back off the ledge, to get me back on track.

And right now, faced with 2017 planning, plus how to finish strong while I deal with Christmas shopping (thank you, Amazon Prime!) and holiday parties in our neighborhood and at school and teacher gifts and… I bet you’re feeling the overwhelm too…  I couldn’t wrap my brain around all the pieces of content I needed to create in the next month. After staring at a blank screen and checking Facebook for the hundredth time, I grabbed my Post-it notes. 14 pink Post-it notes later…it was all mapped out.

Post-its help me feel in control, at ease and ready to take on the world.

Some people have a touchstone, some people meditate, some people take dance breaks.

I have an office supply.

My plans stick (literally)—and when they need to pivot with me, I can shuffle them around. All while keeping myself in the track.

If you are ready to plan for an amazingly successful 2017, but in an awesomely fun way…you are in the right place!


December 7–14 we are going to take the internet by post-it-planning storm.  It’s like a flash mob…only on a 3×3 inch square—and new this year, daily Facebook lives to keep the planning fun going!

Our flash mob will culminate on December 14 with a 2017 planning party. You’ll leave with a solid direction of where you are headed in 2017 and be able to put away your planning and focus on your other priorities for the rest of December.

Ready to join us? Sign up here!

And if you’re ready to move from your Post-its to a paper planner you can take with you anywhere to keep your business and home life organized, check out the Mama CEO Planner.