I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of focus, and each year I choose one word to focus on for the year. This year my word is Expand.

But a word of the year has no power if it just sits in your notebook or on a pretty card on your wall. Your word gets power when you act on it.

Your word should be a platform—a big one, a strong one—from which to launch your business goals and your life over the next year. Let it empower and elevate you. And then get to work!

Your word of the year helps you act with intention.

There’s a brand new year in front of us. As you plan for it, use your word as a filter to make decisions. Use your word to create action to accomplish your bigger goals.

Your word of the year paired with action gives you direction.

As I said, my word of the year for 2017 is expand.

After I settled on my word – how I wanted to feel in 2017- I got to work on what actions needed to happen to get me to my word. The 3 things that I decided needed to happen to get me to my word are:

  • Refine my message and offers
  • Create a larger platform
  • Solidify my team and support.

Once I solidified these as my action steps, I got to work. I know I need to attract more clients and grow my list. My big goal is to serve more clients (and increase my bottom line) so I  turned to my friend and mentor Jenny Shih to help me do that.

Jenny is running a free 5-day blog series that covers exactly the strategies I want to focus on, and since maybe you also want to serve more people and increase your income in 2017,  I’m inviting you to join me for the fun!

You can download Jenny’s 5 Step Business Momentum Builder guide here. It is 27 pages of high quality business advice for filling your roster, selling out your programs and creating passive income. Signing up will also get you access to her daily emails walking you step by step through the process.

I’m partnering with Jenny to bring you the best advice we can on how to expand our business this year. I’ll be going through the steps one-by-one and you can join me and my progress (plus my own insights and advice around the system) in the Mama CEO Club to help us all stay on track with our goals to grow in 2017.

Who’s in for growth and expansion?

Grab your Business Momentum Guide here!