Maybe you’ve heard that motherhood wasn’t meant to be done alone. That’s equally true of being an entrepreneur, especially a Mama CEO. Moms and entrepreneurs are happier and more successful when they find their community.

When my son was born, I went to some mommy and me classes and found a local moms group. I connected with other people who were dealing with sleepless nights and diaper rash and “is this normal?” just like I was. I found people who would never say “enjoy every minute” because they were living through the hell of colic too.

When my daughter was born, and I wrote the blog post that launched my business, I quickly realized that I needed a new community. Not that I abandoned my old one, but I had a lot of friends who had gone back to work or who were taking time off from careers to raise their kids. I didn’t know a lot of people who were working from a make-shift desk in the corner of the bedroom in between snack time and diaper changes.

I found business groups online and learned a lot, but something didn’t quite fit. I felt different. I felt like people didn’t get me or some of the challenges I face. Putting in 60, 75, 80 hours a week to pull off a launch wasn’t an option. My business hours were in-part dependent on nap time. I wanted to be present for my kids AND grow my business. And I felt pretty alone in that.

Enter my Mama CEO community. Other moms who had a vision and passion, who wanted to use their brains and contribute to their families, and who wanted to be there for their kids too. At first it was people I found online through entrepreneur groups and in a mastermind. Then I actively started to cultivate a community of other mompreneurs or, as I prefer, Mama CEOs.

So I started a Facebook group and the Mama Mastermind. And I was blown away by the support that developed. Mama CEO Club is a big community, a great place to connect with lots of people. Think of it more as your Mama CEO hive. But the Mama Mastermind is an intimate group of women who support each other even more than I could have imagined.

What can your Mama CEO community do for you? Here’s what I’ve seen over the past several months:

  • Help with pricing, both real numbers and mindset
  • Offering tips on dealing with morning (we know it’s all day) sickness
  • Sharing each other’s blog posts and freebies
  • Keeping each other accountable
  • Commiserating during a snowpocalypse and all the missed work time
  • Promoting each other’s offerings (and buying each other’s services)
  • Being a sounding board for new ideas
  • Encouraging a friend who has hit the wall in her business
  • Answering questions about Canva, ConvertKit, and favorite tools for recording calls
  • Cheering on each other’s successes

There is a relief in knowing that there are people you can turn to for advice on homework struggles and dealing with an angry client. There is support in knowing that we can talk meal plans and 90-day plans and people will get it. There is satisfaction in knowing that we can help others and that somebody’s got our back. And there is a joy in knowing we aren’t alone as we push forward in our dreams for our business and our families.

Motherhood is hard. So is being an entrepreneur. You don’t have to run your family or your business alone. They say it takes a village. Find yours. Get connected. Get supported.

The Early Bird rate for Mama Mastermind ends on Sunday, 2/19. Are you ready to join our community?