4.2 blogI almost cancelled the Mama CEO Show this week. I committed to doing this Facebook Live every Wednesday in the Mama CEO Club. I had all the topics laid out with blog graphics prepared for the next few weeks.

But I postponed it for a day because I was the mystery reader for my daughter’s kindergarten class on Wednesday, and I started getting stressed out about being back in time. I thought about what it means to be a Mama CEO and the flow between our roles. I wanted to be really present for my daughter in this situation, so I adjusted my schedule by postponing the show.

And then I wanted to skip it all together. I didn’t feel ready to talk about recycling content or making time to work on your business, not just in it. But I’ve learned some lessons this week, or got reminded of them, and I wanted to share them with you.

It’s OK to pivot

One of the advantages of being a Mama CEO is that we are agile and nimble. We can change direction quickly—and when we see a reason to make a change we should. You can pivot in your business, in your parenting style, in how your family does dinner . . . You can pivot in  in how you run your Facebook Lives even if you set expectations for accountability.

It’s OK not to be perfect.

We know nobody is perfect, but we all try SO hard to get it just right. I’m not perfect, but I showed up. I started Mama CEO Show late today. My counter is a mess. I don’t have my usual schedule and fancy graphics set up. I’m just here. And that’s OK.

It’s OK to do things without a plan.

I like a plan (you know I like a plan), but sometimes you just wing it. You go live with just a Post-it note with three points on it. You start your podcast and figure out what you are really talking about as you go. You launch before you are ready and find clarity through action.

I’m not saying never have a plan. I believe that having a plan most of the time helps move toward our goals, but sometimes we need to step out of the plan. We need to see if we are hiding within our plan and what happens if we just do something unscripted.

Sometimes when you pivot and show up imperfect and without a plan, you get real and you connect in a way you hadn’t before. You let go of control and learn to trust yourself. It’s more than OK to do that.

You know I love to send you off with an action step. So where can you apply each of these lessons to your life today?

Where are you ready to make a change and pivot?

Where can you show up knowing you aren’t perfect?

Where can you jump in without a plan?

Go do it!