For some of you, manifesting is nothing new, but for some of you it sounds pretty out there. Manifesting is asking the universe to help you reach your goals, and I think it works—when you pair it with a strategic plan. I believe in strategic manifesting.

You can’t just say I want 10 people in my next program and expect to wake up and see them. You need a realistic goal and a business strategy to get there. Then you do the work—and energetically make space for success. Stick with me.

Strategic manifesting starts with knowing your numbers. You need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve. I’d like to make more money or I want to fill my program isn’t enough. Sit down and think through questions like:

  • How much revenue do I need to bring in to support my business and my family the way I would like?
  • How much time do I have to work with one-on-one clients?
  • How many consult calls do I need to conduct to convert the right number of clients into my group program?
  • What is the right number of people at different price points to meet my financial goals?

Once you have those numbers in place, you need a solid strategy to get there. Now you ask yourself what you need to do to get to your goals:

  • What packages do I need to create?
  • Who is the right person for this offer and where will I find them?
  • How will I market my program or services?
  • What resources do I need to get into place to make my plan happen?

So you have your numbers and you have your strategy. Now it’s time to manifest.

I like to think of manifesting as holding space for my goal.

Say I want to get 15 people into Mama Mastermind, I put 15 blank Post-it notes up on my wall. Every time somebody joins, I write their name on a Post-it.

Take revenue. I set my revenue goal for the year and divided it by 12, so I knew what I should be bringing in each month. Then I set myself up with one of those “money raised” thermometers. Each month I fill in how much I’ve made and see how much closer I am to my goal.

To sell 100 product, make a poster with 100 dots. Fill one in every time you sell one.

In practical terms, this method lets you see where you are and how much further you have to go, but it’s also a way to hold space for what you want. It’s a way to let the universe know you have made space to receive, whether it is new clients or income or whatever your goal is.

Want to try a bit of strategic manifesting yourself? Answer the following questions (adapted from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich):

  • What is the exact (measurable) thing I want? Choose a trackable set number (a dollar amount, a list size, a client number a sales goal).
  • What am I going to do to get to this number? What action are you willing to take to get to this goal? Make sure this action step is something you are 100% in control of. So your action step can’t be to “sell 10 spots,” because you can’t control whether people hit that buy button. You could send out 50 private invitations emails to ideal clients.
  • When am I going do this by? Set a date or a deadline to accomplish your task.

Write your answers on an index card and read the card to yourself morning and night. This is like creating a mantra to tackle fear.

Convince yourself that this will be true. Envision yourself with your goal completed. Act as if you have already achieved it.

Desire something specific, back it with a plan to get there, and let the universe know what you want. Then do your job, believe and receive.

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What are you going to manifest—or what have you manifested? I’d love to hear in comments.

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