So much writing, so little time! Blog posts, e-books, worksheets, content upgrades, scripts for videos and Facebook lives, newsletters, courses . . . it can get overwhelming.

Being able to write quickly and reuse content is an essential to creating lots of fresh content.

10 Ways to Write Faster and Recycle Content

Ready to work less to create more? Start here.

7 Ways to Easily Create Blog Posts

  1. Transcribe a Facebook live into a blog post. (See #11 for an easy way to do this.)
  2. Turn an interview where you were the guest expert or podcast guest into a blog post. Transcribe the interview, and edit as needed.
  3. Write a summary about a topic you blog about a lot, and link back to the other posts you have written about that topic.
  4. Instead of writing blog posts, record your thoughts and imbed them on your blog using SoundCloud.
  5. Interview a guest expert on video. Share the video and write a blog post about the topics or key points that came up in the interview.
  6. Do a round-up blog post of your favorite tips on one subject from other people. Link to those people and ask them to share your post.
  7. Use the content of an email reply to a client for blog post with the same advice.

3 Ways to Reuse Content on Social Media

  1. Pull a quote from a podcast interview and turn it into an Instagram image.
  2. Record a screencast tutorial to post on YouTube.
  3. Turn a favorite tip into a branded image to share on Facebook, and link to a related blog post.

1 Way to Get Your Ideas Down without Writing

  1. Use Google voice to record your thoughts into text.

7 Ways to Repurpose What You Have Already Written

  1. Record a video of you explaining a worksheet or opt-in in more depth. Transcribe the video into a cheat sheet. You now have a video, a checklist and worksheet to bundle for a bonus, opt-in or even product you sell.
  2. Transcribe the content from a webinar into a blog post or into a mini course you can drip out via email.
  3. Record yourself reading an older, popular blog post, and turn the audio recording into a podcast.
  4. Turn a checklist into a step-by-step audio course. (Just describe each step more in depth.)
  5. Create a PowerPoint presentation of the content from an old blog post and then use iMovie or a similar program to add a voiceover explaining it.
  6. Turn 3–5 blog posts into an e-book opt-in.
  7. Turn content you have already created into a checklist, and use it as an content upgrade opt-in. (Want these tips as a handy checklist? You got it!)

2 Brilliant Brainstorms

What will you do? Get specific about two things you can do to reuse your content.

  1. Your Idea________
  2. Your Idea________

If you’re thinking, won’t my clients get bored? if I keep reusing content? The answer is no. You will continue to have and use new ideas. You will refine ideas you’ve already talked about.

You’ll use different formats that will appeal to different people. Some people love video, some pig out on podcasts, others learn better by reading. And while my recent Facebook live got a good response, people didn’t want to take notes, so a checklist or transcript becomes a value add.

Look at the content you’ve already created. How can you reuse it? I can’t wait to see!

How are you going to create more content with ease? Download the free checklist as a handy reminder of ways to create more with less work.