Takeaways from My Interview with Cara Chace

It’s easy to just throw up a Facebook post or schedule some Tweets when you are launching, but that’s not really effective. So what does work?

Just like I get a ton of questions about Facebook ads, I get asked regularly about social media. And I’ll admit, as much as I like a plan and strategy, my social media has been a lot more spaghetti at the wall than strategic. But that’s about to change. 

I have so many takeaways from my chat with social media guru Cara Chace of Chace Digital about social media strategy. Let’s jump in and get strategic with our social media.

How to Create a Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Business

Remember when I said that I’m spotty about social posts until I’m launching and then I get busy? Cara says this isn’t a great plan.

We all know that social media platforms have algorithms (even if we don’t exactly understand them). That means if you drop off and don’t post consistently, it messes up the algorithm. If you want people to see your stuff, you need to show up regularly.

So post foundational pieces regularly. Then implement your campaign.

What is a social media campaign?

A campaign is a planned social media strategy that you layer on top of your foundational social media posts. Social media campaigns are usually short term and have a cohesive plan with a specific purpose—like a launch or a promotion.

You use a campaign to get a boost in traffic and conversations, but it’s going to be more successful when you have been posting regularly.

What does a social media campaign look like?

Replicating a traditional sales pitch on social media doesn’t work. When you are thinking about a social media campaign, you need to think about storytelling. People don’t want to know the features and benefits of your product or service. They want to know the stories about how your product or service changed somebody’s life—and how it could change theirs.

You can:

  • Talk about your why and your passion and your problem solving.
  • Flip the focus. Get your audience involved. Let them tell their story. If you have a passionate community, they can help you build buzz and enthusiasm. You don’t have to be selling something all the time.

Social media is really about connecting with your fans—so make sure you truly connect.

What types of social media campaigns do you suggest?

Here are three anybody can use (plus one for more advanced users):

Hashtag campaign

Cara ran the #mymegadeth campaign, which was wildly successful because Megadeth fans are so enthusiastic and active—and it focused on them. Or she says to check out the #theimperfectboss campaign. This Instagram campaign shows our realities in all our imperfections—in our Instagram perfect, Pinterest worthy world, you can see where this would be appealing. It’s not a sell—this is about starting conversations.


You’ve probably run a challenge. Have you turned it into a social media campaign? This is a great way to rally your community around taking action. I’ve done this with #planlikeamother, and Cara points out Amber McCue’s Nice Ops planathon as another example of a great social campaign.

So why are challenges so successful on social media? They’re interactive. They  keep your audience involved and working with you, and your challenge works into your sales funnel. One key thing to remember: keep it social and audience focused during the challenge itself.

[Hint: Challenges are a great place to recycle content and reuse something fabulous that you’ve already created. ]


The key to running a contest is to give away something valuable to your audience. Cara cautions against giving away Starbucks gift cards or t-shirts or even iPads. Megadeth did a contest with a 25th anniversary collectors’ edition of one of their albums as a prize. While it retails for $150—that audience really valued it as a special edition and experience.

Why run contests? Contests are great for building your email list. And that’s where choosing a prize meaningful to your audience comes in. You want the right people to take part, so that your list grows with your ideal audience.

Bonus—Influencer Campaign

This isn’t a starting point campaign. These are often run by bigger businesses, but you can scale them back to fit the solopreneur, small shop model. Find the influencers in the market/audience you want to get exposure in, and pay them to take part in your campaign.

You know I believe in transparency, and Cara being here is kind of influencer campaign. I think she has a lot to offer you, which is why I brought her on the Mama CEO Show. She gets to get in front of my audience—and you guys benefit from her knowledge of about social media strategy, which I know Mama CEOs need to know.

If you want dig deeper into social media strategy, do not miss Cara’s free master class 5 Steps to a Powerful Campaign on Social Media.

You’ve got two chances, but they are coming up fast on May 2 and 3. Get your seat now.