Today my co hosts are Lily Jones, an educator and champion for joyful learning and Dr. Mariya Ali, a child rights advocate. We’re talking about the Mama Advantage of Connection, so let’s go!

Mama Advantage Moments from this Episode:

Mariya and Lily share what their ‘Mama Advantage’ is and what they bring out into the world as a parent:

  • As a mom, we fundamentally in our core know what’s right for our child and we have to be able to trust that without letting outside influences bog you down
  • Tapping into our ‘Mama Intuition’ as a business owner is hard to do, but can be a huge advantage
  • There are ‘best practices’ we can learn in business, but it must be run through our filter and our core beliefs to be sure that’s the right path for us

Lily and Mariya share what’s inspiring them right now:

  • We can learn from what we’re teaching our children: Lily talks about how making mistakes is something we tell kids is okay and don’t allow ourselves to make them
  • Mariya talks about finding her actual purpose in life, and how that is guiding her every day and what the process has been like for her
  • Finding ‘your purpose’ can actually free you: you know which jobs to take on and which clients to work with and you can use that purpose to guide your day to day decisions

The co-hosts share what we want our kids to know

  • When adult’s energies shift, your kid’s energies will shift as well
  • Part of our impact as a mom is we get to impact the future through our children, our communities, our businesses, etc.

Advice from Lily and Mariya about helping out kids make an impact on the world

  • How do we help our kids make an impact on the world? What do we talk to them about in their own life and on a bigger, global level?
  • We tend to want to protect our children and avoid negative situations and feelings, but they need to see us go through those things to learn how to deal with it.

We’re getting to the nitty gritty and finding out from Lily and Mariya what is frustrating right now about being a Mama CEO and what they’re doing about it

  • Lily and Mariya are talking about balancing their mama time and business time along with trying to do their best on each task they have, we’re talking mantras and how they help!



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Guest Bios:

lily jonesLily Jones is an educator, mother, and a champion for joyful learning. She is the founder of, where she uses her teaching expertise to create activities that inspire kids to love learning. Holding an M.A. in Education from UC Berkeley, Lily has been a kindergarten and first-grade teacher, instructional coach, curriculum developer, and education consultant. Believing that education starts at home, Lily loves to support families to learn, play, and grow together.


mariya_aliDr. Mariya Ali is an Honorary Knowledge Exchange Associate of Oxford Brookes University, School of Law, where she is active in advocating and publishing in the area of children’s rights. She also works for a charity for children and young people in England managing their external Affairs. Prior to this, she served as the Deputy Minister for Health and Family in the Maldives from 2009-2011, working on the modernisation of the child protection system in the Maldives and many projects to further women’s and children’s rights. Prior to this appointment she has worked in therapeutic and research roles in several countries with UNICEF and WHO. She gained her PhD in Human Rights in 2013, focusing on protecting the rights of victims of child sexual abuse under Shari’ah.