Today I’m talking to Sonia Ruyts, the founder of Stash and an influencer in the creative community and Parrish Wilson, who is a book coach and editor as well as an aspiring yogi. We’re talking about Creativity and The Mama Advantage.

Mama Advantage Moments from this Episode:

Sonia and Parrish are sharing what’s inspiring them right now:

  • Sonia is inspired by caring for herself and her body and is sharing some of the lessons she’s learned from yoga to apply to many other areas of her life
  • Parrish is learning from yoga how to bring the habit of following her own direction rather than letting someone else suggest what she needs
  • We have the answers and we know the right thing to do for our bodies, our families, and our businesses

We are learning more about Sonia and Parrish’s transitions into being a Mama CEO:

  • Parrish always knew she would have her own business but didn’t truly dive in until she was pregnant with her first child, she’s sharing how profound that experience was
  • We learn how long it actually took Parrish to go from wanting to own her business to taking the steps to do it while becoming a mom of 2
  • Sonia owns a brick and mortar business and she’s sharing how she went from college to jumping around jobs to knowing she wanted to own her own business
  • Being an entrepreneur is something that is already inside of us and even though it’s hard while raising a family, if you have that force pushing you nothing can stop you

We’re talking about creativity, which is near and dear to our hearts:

  • For Sonia, creativity is something that lives in our bodies and wants to come out; it will come out in a different way for everyone
  • Parrish’s goal for herself and to inspire her kids is to give your creativity the time and space it needs to come out
  • It’s easy to throw up the roadblocks of time and limitations for creativity and we’re talking about why it’s important to overcome those
  • Creativity and self care can fall into the same category of something we don’t have time for or we aren’t doing right, we’re discussing why they are important to put at the top of your list sometimes
  • We need to expand our definition of ‘self care’ to ‘health care’: it’s not something indulgent or selfish and it’s necessary to be the best Mama CEO we can
  • Committing to a routine is not the same thing as treating self care like a lifestyle: we’re defining the difference and why that change can free you up to make mistakes
  • Any practice we put into place right now is not going to look the same weeks or years from now, we’re discussing how to be flexible and shifting things around as we grow

Parrish and Sonia share what their ‘Mama Advantage’ is and what they bring out into the world as a parent:

  • Sonia wants her children to see that it’s totally possible to turn a dream into reality and that you can create something meaningful for yourself, your family, and your community by following that dream
  • Parrish wants to impress on her kids and also bring out into her community that we have choices in how we want to live and how we want to work, we don’t have to follow the ‘status quo’. That may not always be the easiest, but being able to live a life we love and be our best selves is incredible



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Guest Bios:

sonia_ruyts_headshotSonia Ruyts is the founder of Stash, a boutique yarn shop in Corvallis, OR. and is an influencer in the creative community. Sonia believes that we all have something unique to contribute to the world, and helps people discover and pursue their creative passions.  She is also the host of her own podcast that explores the idea of creativity through interviews with artists and makers. Sonia has contributed to multiple publications, is a sought after guest speaker, and is working on her first book. She is a mom to two little ones.

parrish FBParrish Wilson is mama to two young boys and has been writing online since the birth of her second child when she chose to share her experiences of post-partum depression while building a business. As a Book Coach and Editor, she works with female authors who are inspired to share their stories and wisdom with the world through the written word. She’s just launched Emergence, a new workshop for aspiring authors to flex their writing muscles. When she’s not writing, reading, cooking or playing with her kids, you’ll find her on her yoga mat.