I’m so excited to talk to our co-hosts today who know all about the power of women. The power of women to stand up for themselves and BE themselves. About the power we already have to create our birth stories, our motherhood story and in our work stories. They both have such great views and knowledge on this!

Mama Advantage Moments from this Episode:

What is our Mama Advantage?

  • Sorrell and Lisa share what they think their mama advantage is: What do they bring to their business by being a mother and running a household?
  • How do we contribute to our family and our world in a way that we wouldn’t be able to if we weren’t a mother? We’re exploring this further.
  • Constantly comparing ourselves to others and all the ways we’re doing it “wrong” can be seen as a negative, but we’re talk about how it can be an asset.
  • Sorrell shares how being a single mother is often portrayed as a weakness, but how that hasn’t been her experience at all.
  • Every time a woman does something she wants to and speaks up about it, she does all women in the world a favor.

Lisa and Sorrell share what’s inspiring them right now:

  • Lisa shares how inspiring it is to participate in her coworking space and see women of all different ages work and collaborate together
  • I share a little about what I’ve learned working at the same coworking space Lisa does!
  • Sorrell shares how women in general are so inspiring to her right now: We’re seeing more women in business, more entrepreneurship in business, women in the Middle East fighting whether or not to wear the hijab, women in California cultivating medical marijuana, and so many other examples
  • We talk about “The Sisterhood Rising” all over the globe and how amazing and inspiring it has been to witness and be a part of
  • Sorrell and Lisa share examples of why we need to keep the conversation going with other women—no matter how much we disagree, the connection is what matters.

We’re talking about women: their experiences, their portrayal, and their connection:

  • The top tier of the media is only 3% women. We’re talking about how this is contributes to our view of ourselves as women.
  • We have to challenge the narratives we’re seeing and speak up about it!
  • Sorrell shares how her work in home birth has broadened her perspective on women and their experiences.
  • Sometimes it’s the perception of how others will judge us that drives us crazy. We need to turn to the reality of how much we can understand each other.

How do we start having these conversations? How do we start making a difference?

  • Lisa believes these conversations are happening on a daily basis and every single conversation we have is an opportunity for change.
  • Sorrell talk about how the education she was going through as her son was growing up affected him and the conversations she had the opportunity to have.
  • We discuss why and how to talk to “our men” to help them learn how to treat the women in their lives
  • We talk a lot about respect with our kids and the idea of what that means and how to instill it in them going forward.



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SorrellSorrel Bobrink is a single mama of a 15-year-old boy. She comes from a homebirthing mom who inspired her to become passionate about all things birth related. She proudly works alongside a licensed midwife out of Chico, CA, doing assistant/student work with her at homebirth’ in Butte County. An aspiring midwife, birth doula, placenta encapsulator and novice herbalist, her recent goals have broadened in the last few years by truly experiencing how she is surviving working for herself these last five years.


Lisa JossLisa Joss creates awareness in the area of women and equality, using many of the same practices from her 15 years branding products and services. Her most recent experiences working with issues of social justice convinced her that social action, feminism and issues of diversity deserve the same thoughtful consideration as any other product or service.