I love Pinterest for personal use, and while I have some business related boards, I haven’t really used Pinterest to boost my business. That’s about to change for me—and maybe you.

Monica Froese is a Mama CEO and a Pinterest guru. Her clients find amazing growth in their Pinterest stats. If you want to make the most of Pinterest for your business (or haven’t considered a Pinterest strategy), start here.

Boost Your Business with Pinterest

First of all, Pinterest is not social media. You don’t engage with people on the platform, so don’t treat it as a social media site. Think of Pinterest as a visual search engine—and a valuable tool for growing your business.

To get started with a Pinterest strategy, you need a few things:

  1. A business account
  2. Rich pins
  3. Pinterest conversion tag

Why You Need a Business Account

With a business account, you see two tabs, Analytics and Ads. You can’t have a strategy without this data.

If you have a lot of followers and a brand-friendly personal account, you can transition it to a business account. If not, start a new account. If you don’t want to keep switching between a personal and business account, use one account and make personal boards private. So if you want to plan your next vacation or your child’s birthday party, you can do that privately and keep your public boards onbrand.

Rich Pins Are Nothing to Fear

Rich Pins are a way for Pinterest to search your keywords. Keywords are super important in the description of your pin to get you found in search results, but Pinterest can read overlays in your text too.

Rich Pins are integrated in SquareSpace. In WordPress, it’s simply adding a metatag in the header. Then use can use the Rich Pin Validator to verify and you’re all set.

Install a Rich Pin Conversion Tag Right Away

People tell me they aren’t ready to run ads, so they don’t need a conversion tag. But the conversion tag lets you track who visits your site and gather information that will be useful when you are ready. To find out how to install yours, use Monica’s free video.

How to Choose and Use Pinterest Images and Keywords

Pinterest wants to be known as a visual search engine. Pictures matter. Here are three things to know about Pinterest images:

  • Text and image are equally important.
  • Text overlay is super important, so use your keywords in text overlay.
  • Warm colors do better than cool colors. Think of bright reds and pinks, not dull blues.

To find keywords on Pinterest

Enter your keywords as a search in Pinterest. You’ll see a series of tiles with suggested related keywords.

Create a board for any of your keywords. You’ll get a series of suggested related keywords. If you get 5 suggestions or fewer, or the suggestions don’t make sense, you should rename your board.

How Do You Make Money with Pinterest?

If you are spending time with Pinterest for business, you want it to be worthwhile. You need to build your strategy to make money with Pinterest:

Within 30 days, you should see an increase in impressions. If you have good impression rates, but no clickthroughs, test your images.

Then start optimizing to get people’s email. Getting people on your list is how you start to make money. Remember you don’t engage on Pinterest, but by getting connected, you can start to engage and nurture potential clients and customers.

Use Google analytics to find your most popular posts and create content upgrades for them. Printables are hot on Pinterest. So give people a printable and get them on your list. Create content upgrades related to what you do for good leads.

Then use nurture sequences to get people to your product or an affiliate product.

Spend about 60 days focusing on Pinterest itself and the analytics. Then watch where the traffic is going and optimizing that. That means you can build an audience with Pinterest during the summer, and be ready to launch in the fall.

Here are your 24-hour action steps:

  • Create a business account
  • Set up rich pins
  • Start a spreadsheet with keywords

Want to go even deeper? Monica walks you through the process of creating a Pinterest strategy step-by-step in her course. From setting up rich pins to expanding your Pinterest strategy with ads, Monica keeps it focused, simple, and practical.

Grab Monica’s Pin Practical course, here: meganflatt.com/pinterest.