Are you counting down the days until you have to slow down your business for summer—or even shutter it all until fall? You don’t have to!

I know a lot of Mama CEOs who are hustling to get things done and feeling the pressure of the school year ending. Don’t let the school calendar dictate how you feel about your business. You are the CEO of your business even in the summer.

You get to decide when you launch.

You get to decide how and when you work with clients.

You get to decide that you want to run your course live instead of evergreen.

You’re the CEO. You get to decide.

Mama CEO Parrish Wilson says, “I get to decide what I do and when. My business has gotten so much better since I really started owning that.” Mine too! Can you believe that you get to decide about your business?

When you wake up overwhelmed because your to do list is a mile long, you get to decide where to focus and what to cut out. When you say “That’s overwhelming” or “I don’t have enough time,” you start to build brain pathways that help those ideas flow again and again.

But you can set new neuro-pathways. That’s empowering. You can say, “I have exactly the amount of time I need to run my business” or “I can have exactly the summer that I want to for my family, myself, my health, and my business.”

The truth is whatever you choose to believe.

If you believe that this summer is a time your business has to take a backseat, it will. But what if you decide that you get to grow and build your business exactly the way you want to this summer?

You can work if you want to or take off on a Friday afternoon to go paddleboarding or take your kids to the zoo.

You can start your day at 11AM or work one week while your kids are in camp but not the next.

You get to decide.

You get to decide what your summer looks and feels like. You just need a plan and the mindset that this can be a great summer.

We’ll be talking next week about making this Your Best Summer Yet:

  • Why this can be your best summer
  • Mistakes Mama CEOs over the summer so you don’t have to make them
  • How to have a summer without summer breaking your business

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You get to decide how your summer feels and how it rolls out. You can intentionally plan your summer to be exactly how you want it to be.

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