My co-hosts today are two really incredible women who are truly and inspiration to me. Both of these ladies step up to the plate when they saw changes that were needed in their families, communities and really the whole world. I’m thrilled for you to hear from them.

Mama Advantage Moments from this episode:

What is our Mama Advantage?

  • Tosh’s key to her mama advantage is being clear that her life has to be about more than living, it has to be about legacy.
  • We’re talking about legacy in our homes, communities, and businesses.
  • Tanay’s mama advantage sprung from losing her job in 2014, because who she thought she was revolved around what she did for a living. This gave her an opportunity to get to know who she really was as a successful mother and also a truly present mother outside of our capitalistic society.

How do we get to the feeling of being so grounded in the world and confident in what we stand for?

  • For Tosh, it comes out of life experiences. We tend to underestimate how our past experiences can be a blessing to others and a source of release to ourselves even though it’s not perfect.
  • Tanay shares how finding what you stand for and leave as a legacy is always evolving, but her past experiences have helped her understand it better.
  • Knowing this is your journey in this moment, and that it may not look like someone else or even like it did for you 6 months ago, can give you clarity and peace.
  • Tosh likes to tell people you can never let yourself get too high or too low. You can enjoy times of goodness and celebration, but need to calm and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

What’s inspiring us right now?

  • Tanay shares her unique experience of becoming a mother and how it impacted her life then and now.
  • Tanay is inspired by women willing to be vulnerable and open about motherhood being as much of a challenge as it is wonderful, and also seeing more and more people around the world starting to realize they don’t want to leave the world the way it is for generations to come.
  • Tosh is inspired by the conversations women are having, by the idea of rest as the means to accomplishment, and also by her oldest child and her struggles that never seem to bring her down
  • To see your child “own the room” can inspire us to remember how to own our place both in our communities and our businesses.

How can we be more present in our communities and our world by taking a stand?

  • Tosh’s life journey has taken her in a different direction than she thought it would, but she has never lost that advocacy piece in trying to empower people to take a stand on what they believe in.
  • We can have it all, but we can’t work on it all at the same time. Tosh shares how she finds a balance.
  • Tanay shares the feeling of wanting to be everywhere at once and ending up nowhere and how being a mother has helped her find a balance with her family and her desire to implement change.
  • For ambitious women, it can be hard to stop and rest and feel like we’re doing enough; resting is not doing nothing.
  • While we want to have legacy and impact, we need to also be there for ourselves and for our families; we have to be able to know when it’s time to focus on ourselves.
  • Tanay is talking about how we equate the idea of productivity to self worth and what that can do to us in the long run.

What is one thing we want our kids to know?

  • Tosh wants her kids to know it’s their right and also their responsibility to draw their own picture. If she’s done her job, she has to trust they will succeed.
  • Tanay wants her son to know he has a right to be free as his most free self. She doesn’t fully understand the deep implications of that, but it’s what sticks with her in regards to us in general as humans.



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Tanay headshotTanay Harris is a social entrepreneur, consultant and organizer. She is the Founder and Creative Director of MommyUp, an online and local meet-up space that seeks to empower mothers. Tanay believes that if we help mothers reach wholeness, that manifests into our children, families and the larger community to create sustainability.

Tanay has worked on some of the country’s leading human rights and social justice issues. It is through motherhood that she has understood the bigger implications of what it means to truly be present and to work diligently to create a better, more moral world for today and future generations.

Tosh Jenkins_006_NoBkgrdTosh Jenkins is a Realtor redefining the American Dream to include happy nest. “When I am not realtoring or mentoring breadwinning moms, I am a busy with my husband and five kiddos. In my spare-time I nestle with a journal, a scripture and a warm mug. Still learning while rocking what it means to be biz mom.” Her motto is grace and peace. =)

“I am an Everyday person.  Serving Everyday needs.”