As I celebrate another successful trip around the sun, this rotation means this is a “milestone” birthday. I’m actually pretty excited. I like getting older, because I like to think I’m getting wiser too. So, I thought I’d share a little of that wisdom (many of which I’m still learning every day)  Here are my 40 things I’ve learned about business.

  1. Don’t overthink it, sometimes you just need to make a decision
  2. Find your people. Find a business bestie…or a few of them. They will get you when your spouse/mother/friend doesn’t.
  3. Trust your intuition. She is the best guru you have.
  4. Invest
  5. Bootstrap
  6. Get a mentor. You don’t have to do this alone, trust someone who aligns with your values and has walked this path before you.
  7. Do less better. If this list we’re the 1 thing I’ve learned about business….this would be it. I’m still learning this one every day. DO LESS BETTER.
  8. Don’t be afraid to pivot
  9. But give your ideas a chance
  10. Set boundaries
  11. Set goals
  12. Set work hours
  13. Have a dedicated work space. It can be a spacious room in your house decorated exactly the way you want, an ‘adult fort’ in your garage (like mine) or a basket that holds all your most important things as you move around the house, but have a dedicated place that makes you feel good.
  14. Have time off
  15. Don’t get sucked into comparitest
  16. Turn off social media if you need too
  17. Think outside the box
  18. Trust that you are already the expert
  19. Take ”me” time away from your business. You can love your business, but you need to fulfill other areas of your life too
  20. Don’t worry if not everyone gets you. Embrace those who do
  21. There are a million right ways to build a successful business
  22. Build a team. You’ll go further together
  23. Tell your kids what you do, explain to them why you’re working and what you’re working on
  24. Dream big, start small
  25. Ask for help, in business and at home. You won’t get what you don’t ask for.
  26. You deserve to make money
  27. Its alright to be motivated by the lifestyle you want.  
  28. Work on your money mindset. Just work on it. (especially if #26 and #27 triggered you)
  29. Trust that the money will come. It always does.
  30. Put a plan in place and work the plan.
  31. Launch before you are ready
  32. You are that good. Really. You are. Make sure people know that.
  33. What you are doing will change the world. Keep doing it.
  34. Find a good Hustle to Chill ratio. Work hard, then don’t work hard
  35. Overnight successes rarely happen overnight
  36. Do the spiritual work, its just as important as the strategy piece.
  37. Just start selling your stuff
  38. Know when it’s time to stop learning and start implementing (hint: it’s time)
  39. Embrace it all; the ups, the downs and everything in betweens
  40. You’ve got this.