You can do great things and it doesn’t all have to feel like a slog. When you build momentum, it’s hard to stop. So what are you going to do to build momentum and keep it going?

Here are my favorite ways to build momentum.

Wear your researcher hat.

Instead of focusing on failure or not getting the numbers you wanted, put on your researcher hat. Figure out what exactly didn’t work. Did you target your Facebook ads wrong? Was the timing off? Were you doing what you thought you should do instead of what felt right to you?

Double down on what is working

I have said this before, but it bears repeating. You do NOT have to reinvent the wheel. If something is working, stick with it. Trust your unique skills and strengths. If you light up a room with public speaking, don’t feel like you should be writing more blog posts. If Facebook ads are a consistent win for your business, don’t say, “Oh, but that’s easy for me” and force yourself to do Facebook lives. Know what works (goes back to that researcher hat) and focus there.

Have a plan

As a Mama CEO, you have a million ideas. You are good at acting on them. So you can get pretty far without a solid plan. But what if you make a plan and follow it. Your energy gets focused, like light into a laser. Instead of just lighting up a room, you can cut through metal.

Use accountability  

If you really want to keep things moving, you need to commit. Set a timeframe to accomplish your goals. Be realistic about how much time you have and when you will do things, but set end goals and milestone goals to keep you on track. Then, and this is important, share it with somebody who will check in with you. A little accountability goes a long way.

Build Your Momentum

How are you building momentum in Q2?

I’ve got a great way to help with tips 3 and 4.

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