A manifesto is a powerful and energetic statement of what you do and stand for. It can include your intentions and vision for your audience or the world at large.

Your manifesto is a rallying cry, an invitation, an inspiration.

The right people will read it and say, Yes! I’m in.

If you don’t have a business manifesto, you need one, because a business manifesto helps your audience say:

  • I understand this person better
  • I get why this is important
  • I’m excited by this person and what they are doing
  • I’m on board and I want to be part of this mission.

Your manifesto is your way to share what you believe deeply about how your work interacts with the world. You can keep private your manifesto private, but use it to focus your work. More often you will share it with your audience. You can create a beautiful image, share it as a video on your site, or even use it as the organization for your website.

Make it present tense, provocative, and desired.

This is where you share your heart. Watch the video for more tips on writing yours. (And stay tuned to the end of a powerful example of a business manifest from Mama CEO Janna Denton-Howes.

Write Your Manifesto

Set a timer for 5 minutes and brainstorm on one or more of these prompts.

  • I believe..
  • I will (I want to)…
  • I know this to be true
  • I love
  • I am
  • I want to live in a world where …

What key ideas came out for you? Take some time to play with your words to create a rally cry you can get behind. End with a call to action or an invitation to your audience

Go write your manifesto and inspire people!