If you’re anything like most moms:  you’re making the kids breakfast, putting on your makeup and thinking of dinner.

Did I mention all at the same time? Yeah, me too.

As a personal stylist for nearly a decade, here are three outfit hacks to supercharge your mornings so you feel and look put-together.

  1. Plan your  outfit the night before, just as you once did when you were a kid (or make your own kids do now). Sounds crazy? Glance at your closet quickly and challenge yourself to wear that “someday-one day” piece tomorrow.  

    In the morning, you’ll already be thinking of said wardrobe and you’ll be ready to wear it. Voila!
  2. Choose an outfit with two neutral staples. For example, a pair of easy-to-dress-up-or-down black pants paired with a neutral sweater (grey in this example).

    You’re going to repeat this exact outfit outfit again but you’re going to change the third piece (outerwear layer) and add a scarf so it looks like a completely “new” outfit.















Notice the similarities?  While these outfits have the same sweater, pant and shoes;  each outfit stands alone when you add different accessories and layers.

  1. Have two no-fail outfits at-the-ready. I encourage a lot of my clients to have two outfits  on standby that always work and, more importantly, make you feel tremendous.

No clue where to begin for those go-to outfits? Think of the clothes that you often find yourself pulling from the dirty laundry basket (come on, I can’t be the only one!) or take note when you receive a compliment on an outfit. Rinse, repeat. Easy.  

Remember, it’s all about making it as easy as possible—so make it easy on yourself mama and keep following what works for you!

Hanna L. Ashbaugh owner of Hanna Lee Style is a personal stylist helping working moms look put-together for work and weekends. Hanna proves that practical but stylish outfits exist (1 outfit / 8 ways) and has a free resource for you to download here.

Hanna works with many non-profits like North Shore Exchange and Free The Girls.