What will your summer look like? Are you ready to keep your business moving forward and fit in some fun?

Whether your kids are already out of school or counting down the days, whether they are too young for school or you homeschool, there is a shift in the summer. And you can be ready for that.


5 Tips to Plan Your Mama CEO Summer


1.Set an intention or theme. Is your summer about adventure? Ease? Education?

2. Put “big rocks” on your calendar. Are you taking a trip? Do kids have certain weeks at camp? Are you having house guests? Do you have business events? Put them in your Free Planning Calendar: meganflatt.com/12week

3. Assign a number to each week.
Work focused = 1
Combo work/family = 2
Family-focused = 3

4. Set up your 90 day plan. Get really clear on your strategy and revenue goals for the summer. Break down your projects into tasks so that you can schedule out the tasks in the available time.

5. Redo your weekly workflow. Because your weeks are often different during the summer, it makes sense to redo this. Get your workflow worksheet here: meganflatt.com/workflow The video talks about how to set it all up.

Bonus tip: Create a summer bucket list. Do this with your family. Just write down any things like summer outdoor movies, bowling, going to the pool, or staycation kind of visits. Use this when you do have free time and aren’t sure what to do with it.

I walk through each of these more in the Mama CEO Show: Plan Your Mama CEO Summer. Check it out and start planning your summer now!


Save the date and join me for Mama CEO: Planned.

June 28


On June 28, I’m hosting a Mama CEO: Planned again. This Virtual Planning Retreat will really get you through putting together your 90 Day Plan so that you know exactly how you can meet your goals this summer.

We’ll talk revenue goals and strategy in addition to the nitty-gritty of planning.


Mama CEO: Planned is revamped. You get:

  • 4 hours of dedicated strategy support, goal setting, and planning
  • A 1-1 call with me—good any time this summer
  • A goody box of planning supplies including two new planning posters


Email me if you know you want in.