I bet you’re doing some planning and goal setting for 2019, right? You’re setting goals, you’re getting excited, you’re dreaming big!…. Or you think you are.


Mama CEO, I’m here to tell you: You should be dreaming bigger.


It’s easy to dream small. We want to be realistic, we want to serve our clients (read: not charge them enough), and we are already so busy…. how can we possibly set bigger goals???

You can. Because the first step to reaching those bigger goals … is setting them.


I get it! I’ve been doing my own 2019 goal setting too. I was with a group of business friends doing some big planning a few weeks ago, and I set a revenue goal for 2019 that felt like a stretch when I said it out loud.


Then 3 days later I took that Post-it note down and replaced it with a goal that was 100k higher. It feels scary, but I know if I set the goal… and then make the plan to get there, I can hit it.

I’m dreaming bigger, and I’m confident I can get there. You can too.


Are You Playing It Safe with 2019 Goals?

Are you hoping to inch your income up next year? Or double your revenue? (Hint: Go big!)


Reaching 6 figures sounds like a great goal. But if you are already making $92,000, it’s not that much of a stretch. (Hint: Go bigger!)


Too often Mama CEOs play small. It’s less risky, less out there. You set goals that feel safe and doable.


A mentor of mine once said, “You didn’t fly all the way across the country to only increase your revenue by that small amount.”

While she was talking about the literal trip I took for the business coaching, I think about that all the time. You are already working hard. You don’t need to put in SO MUCH effort to only increase your revenue by a small amount. If you are going to put in all this energy, set that bar higher. Get a bigger return on your investment.


You’re Setting Too Many Goals

Let’s be clear when I say your goals are too small, I don’t mean the number of goals you are setting is not enough. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that if you are like most entrepreneurs, you are probably setting too many goals.


Start a podcast!

Write a book!

Launch a new course!


We have tons of great ideas, but when you have so many ideas they get diluted, not executed well, or not done at all.


You have a limited amount of bandwidth, budget and hours in the day. My mantra of Do Less, Better comes into play here. When you streamline what you do and put your energy into a single channel, you reduce overwhelm and magnify your energy.


Narrow your goals, focus your effort and maximize your results (plus, avoid burnout)

Are You Planning with the Right People?

Like I said, I upped my revenue goals over $100K in a matter of days. I set goals, and three days later when I was planning with a different group and I decided to elevate my goals. Why? Who is in the room with you matters.


You’ve heard the saying you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you are talking with people who are making modest strides in their business, you’re likely to do the same. I had the highest revenue goal in the room during my first planning session. In that setting, it was easy to set a goal that felt big, but really wasn’t a stretch for my business.


Three days later, I was in a room with big dreamers, people who were serious about upping their business in the coming year. I looked at my goals and decided they were puny, that I needed to raise the bar on myself.


Who you spend time with matters in business. It’s not just the connections (although those matter too), but who you are with affects your thinking.


What goal have you set for 2019? I dare you to go bigger.


In fact, I want you to email me your revenue goal for 2019 (megan@meganflatt.com)


Setting big goals and hitting them is what we do in Mama CEO Mastery. If you’re looking to elevate your business in 2019, this is the room you want to be in.


You don’t have to be making 6 figures to join—we have Mama CEOs with a broad range of revenues, and their goals are all different. What they have in common is they are dedicated to earning more by doing less so that they have more to give to all parts of their life.


Mama CEO Mastery ladies have doubled their income, had $20,000 months, generated more consistent income, paid off debt, started paying themselves regularly, got serious about saving. They did this through greater clarity in their business, big goals, and solid plans. They did this with coaching and mentorship and everyday support from Mama CEOs who dream big, work hard, and show up for their families and selves the way they want to.


Mama CEO Mastery is the place for big dreams, smart plans, and huge wins.


You can reach your goals in 2019. And Mama CEO Mastery can help you get there.


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