Did you know researcher have found mothers in the workforce are rated as significantly less competent, less intelligent, and less committed than women without children?

Or that a mother is 79% less likely to be hired, and half as likely to get promoted, when compared to an equally qualified woman without a child?

Did you know that the gender pay gap is widest between fathers (who start earning more when they have children) and mothers (who are financially penalized after kids)??

We’re told that working mothers are selfish and that stay at home moms are lazy. It’s kind of a lose lose situation, isnt’ it.

But what if all this wasn’t actually true? What if these thoughts have been placed in our heads over generations. (ahem…thanks partiacry)

Im going to let you in on a little secret. Research also shows that, in reality, motherhood is actually an advantage in about everything we do.

  1. We are scientifically better at focusing on what is important- “mommy brain” is actually true. Our brains prune grey matter during pregnancy and caregiving so you have more reserves to focus on what is important…your offspring and your business goals.
  2. We accomplish more in less time– Limited time allows us to focus on the task at hand. Research shows that over the course of a 30-year career mothers out produce at every stage of the game.
  3. Your brain is now chemically wired for success– The same oxytocin that allows us to bond with our children, allows us to be more in tune with what our clients need, how to message to our audience and even how to build a cohesive team.

So, conventional wisdom tells us our careers are doomed when we add the title mom to our resume, science seems to support the opposite.

So this is great and all, and if you are #researchnerd like me, you are probably loving these statistics, but what does it all actually mean?

And how does it help you reach your Mama CEO goals for 2019?

Here’s the deal, If you want to significantly increase your income in 2019, there are a few things you need to do.

  1. Believe in your Mama Advantage – The truth is whatever you choose to believe. If we believe, as mother’s, we are less competent, less intelligent and less committed to our work than women without children. Then that will remain our truth.

    We are the CEOs of our business and life and WE get to choose what success looks like. And how we are going to get there. 
  2. Stop doing all the things– Your to do list and your calendar are probably hurting your success (and this is coming from a todo list junkie and a planner creator!) You need to understand the key difference between a goal, a project and a task and make sure you are using each strategically to get you to the end result you desire without burn out or frustration. 
  3. Know the most profitable focus of your business – You’ve heard where your attention goes, money flows? You need to find your most profitable focus and then build the system (I call it the Do Less Better Funnel) to support it so you can grow your revenue, while raising your family. Clarity is everything here. Throwing spaghetti at the wall will no longer work at your stage of business. The crystal clear intersection of exactly how you get your clients results and exactly where you make your revenue will lead to the biggest increase in your bottom line.

I know you have big goals for 2019 and I also know that you cant keep working all the time (do you even remember those kids names at this point?) That’s why you need my Do Less Better Method.

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