Are you doing too much? If you don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do, it might be time to scale back . . . OR it may be time to outsource.

I was resistant to outsourcing for a long time. I finally realized that outsourcing is a critical part of a mama CEO mindset. By turning over tasks that I don’t love, don’t excel at, or—and this one is key—don’t need to do myself, I make time to tend to parts of my business that only I can do.

I had the opportunity to chat with Amber McCue about outsourcing. You can get my key takeaways on what to outsource, who to use, and what to pay. And then stop overthinking it.

Outsource one thing today, even if it’s something small. Not sure where to start? Here’s one thing to outsource for every week in the year.

You can get somebody to:

  1. Schedule your social media
  2. Do your bookkeeping
  3. Clean your house
  4. Plan your online content
  5. Rebrand your website
  6. Plan your meals
  7. Handle your legal stuff (strategic legal plans, client or contractor agreements, privacy policy, terms of use, and general business counseling…)
  8. Do your taxes
  9. Send out recordings of webinars or conference calls
  10. Write your autoresponder series
  11. Design your logo
  12. Watch your kids
  13. Create your social media content
  14. Design your images for blog posts and social
  15. Create your sales page
  16. Package your products (fulfill orders)
  17. Create your systems manual
  18. Manage payroll
  19. Choose your gifts
  20. Manage your email
  21. Set up your autoresponder series
  22. Get groceries for you
  23. Send out your contracts or agreements
  24. Manage your calendar
  25. Run errands
  26. Create and manage Facebook (and other) ads
  27. Research images
  28. Set up your blog and newsletter
  29. Manage your blog comments (filtering, responding)
  30. Do your laundry
  31. Make your website and email play nicely
  32. Track responses and do client follow up
  33. Optimize for SEO
  34. Write your opt-in
  35. Edit your e-book
  36. Transcribe your calls or webinars
  37. Track your analytics
  38. Photograph you or your products
  39. Provide customer support
  40. Plan your child’s birthday party or your next client soirée
  41. Cook dinner
  42. Set up appointments (and send reminders)
  43. Do data entry
  44. Edit your videos
  45. Clean your car
  46. Moderate your Facebook (or other) group
  47. Upload videos or podcasts
  48. Update your CRM
  49. Create documents and templates
  50. Develop a marketing plan
  51. Do administrative tasks like shredding and filing
  52. Organize your Google Drive or Dropbox

Go ahead and start small. It doesn’t matter if you outsource something from your business or something from your home life (that gives you more time for your business). Just find one thing you can let go of doing yourself and make room for something else that really matters.

I started by outsourcing my blog and newsletter set up, and now I outsource about about half of the things on this list (at least some of the time).

So what are you going to get off your plate? Tell us in comments.

As you plan your next 90 days, look at places you can outsource. Think college kids home for the summer to babysit or handle order fulfillment —or use extra help to knock a back-burner project off your list. Or think VA to respond to email when you go on vacation in August.

Use this list to get your brain spinning on ways to make space in your schedule—then get Your Next 90 Days and make a really solid, results-focused plan. With this self-paced workshop and planning tool, you can kick some business butt this summer (and have time for fun too!)