Let’s clean things up, shall we?

This is a great time to do some spring cleaning in your business. Tackling a few of the things on this list is a great way to build motivation and feel productive in your business. Not to mention these tasks will actually improve your business. Pick even one to complete and just see how you feel!


  1. Delete old & unused tags in your email provider – that old opt in or the link trigger from a sales page from 3 years ago? If you aren’t going to target those people, delete those tags and declutter your email platforms sidebar. 
  2. Update your bio – Your bio should be a living breathing document. If you haven’t touched your social media profile, your about page or your media kit in a while, give it a little polishing. Add in new experiences, brag more about your skills and update that your toddler is now a teenager. 
  3. Donate unread business books – if you are like me you have Amazon delivering a steady supply of the ‘latest’ business book to your door. I have my favorites that are highlighted  and dog-eared that I refer to again and again. But some…weren’t that great. Or not something I’m going to read again….pass it on! 
  4. Clean off your desk – Take everything off, wipe it down, recycle that pile of papers, put the stack of post-its back in the drawer, return the coffee cup to the kitchen and the books back on the shelf…doesn’t that feel better? 
  5. Create folders in Google Drive – Create folders for clients, personal stuff, business photos, hiring resources. So you can find that thing when you are looking for it. And while you are in there, delete those half started blog posts, the doc someone asked you to proofread in 2015 and the outdated editorial calendar. 
  6. Call credit cards companies and service providers – Almost everyone is willing to offer you a deal, especially now, if you take a little time to pick up the phone and ask for a lower interest rate, a discount on your subscription or to be downgraded to a lower package.  
  7. Delete old emails – Just do it. Pour a big cup of coffee, pump some Lizzo into your headphones and just clean out your inbox.  
  8. Archive unused or outdated e-learning – You are never going to watch the webinar from last October or that freebie you downloaded off an instagram add. Clear it out and make room for what you want to learn about NOW.

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