launch-header3Enter your email address here to download your “Launch Like a Mother” guide. Get your big idea into the world with impact and grace with this sanity saving guide. We cover your business and your family to make sure a single piece doesn’t get missed!

If you are in business, you are going to need to get your next big idea into the world.

Whether it’s a new product, your rebranded website, or opening in your private client schedule, you need to let people know. Launching can be hard…and time consuming.  And time is something moms don’t have in excess. A plan gets your big idea into the world faster with impact and grace. Save your time and sanity. Mama CEOs know business and family aren’t compartmentalized, and neither is your next launch.  You need a plan that keeps your business and your home life on track while you get your next big idea into the world (and dinner on the table). You need to “Launch Like a Mother.” In this comprehensive guide you’ll find:


checkmark Details on setting launch goals and objectives

checkmark Places to track all the moving parts of a launch

checkmark Ideas on how to promote to your audience

checkmark Ways to identify your key people

checkmark Your plan to keep things running smoothly at home


Plus, you’ll get a week-by-week timeline of when everything happens. You’ll never launch without it again.

Download your copy now, and stay sane while you rock your next launch.


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