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What if you could get off the revenue rollercoaster and actually count on your business to provide for you and your family?

What if you could turn your business into that consistent paycheck?


Imagine if you could count on your business to reliably cover your family’s expenses?

Would you like to use your income to qualify you for a mortgage?

How would it feel if your revenue was so steady you can pay yourself the same amount every Friday without worry…even set up an automatic payment from your business account into your family’s checkbook…just like a ‘real’ paycheck?


You have great ideas.


In fact, you have a million great ideas. They are sketched on the backs of napkins, throughout various notebooks, and in the voice messages on your phone.

But those big ideas don’t always turn into the profit you want.

That, Mama, is what we’re about to change.

Planned for Profit is a systematic strategy for figuring out exactly how to generate consistent revenue and then creating a plan to get there.

Let’s face it: You need more than a plan.

As a successful business owner, you’ve got clients who need your expertise, team members who need your answers, and daily tasks that need your attention.

As a mama, you’ve got half days at your kids’ schools, endless searches for that missing ballet shoe, and the making (okay…buying) of cupcakes for the bake sale.

You don’t have time to move from shiny thing to shiny thing. You can’t just think “these are all the things I want to do.” You need to dial in on the right ideas to reach your revenue goals…and make it happen. But when…how?

First things first: Take a deep breath

Your ideas → profit plan is about to get a whole lot easier (and more strategic, to boot)

During the Planned for Profit virtual planning retreat you will solidify your revenue goals and design a path to get there…with a profit-driven plan behind it all.

“Revenue puts everything in focus if I just follow this path, I’ll accomplish all my goals.”

— Laura Shapiro

“Having direction by thinking about revenue first keeps me focused and not all over the place.”

—Sarah Sims

With Planned for Profit, you’ll get expert guidance creating a revenue roadmap for your business—and then set an actionable plan for your next 90 days, complete with strategic goals that pair your profit goals with how you want your whole life to feel.


In just four hours, you’ll:

  • Identify your profit focus for your business
  • Set strategic revenue goals
  • Name top-priority projects to get you there
  • Create metrics to track your progress
  • Set specific tasks to implement

Come with dreams of regular profit and raised revenue. Leave with a strategy to make that a reality.

(What it doesn’t require: Going at it alone. Trying to do it all, all the time. Working long hours snuck in around others’ schedules.)

Create a plan to build steady, reliable income for you and your family.

Planning. What’s that got to do with revenue?

I hear you.

And I know you are busy, but  I’ve got some news for you:

>> For every minute you spend planning, you save 10 minutes in execution.

What’s more?

>> People who work from a detailed project plan build momentum and more easily overcome procrastination  

In other words: Our 4-hour planning session will save you at least 40 HOURS of execution time.

And what you do plan to work on, will be profit focused. That means more revenue, not more work.

What if you could set strategic, revenue-focused goals for the next 90 days and be clear on the plan to actually hit each and every one?


Planned for Profit isn’t a sit-back-and-relax workshop with feel-good cheerleading…it’s an action-oriented, expert-guided work session with built-in strategy support.

What does Planned for Profit include?

→ Virtual Planning Retreat: We’ll kick off 4 hours together with a stack of Post-It notes and your favorite beverage, and I’ll guide you step-by-step through my signature process for getting clear on the best revenue path for your business right now and then creating the plan for your next 90 days, to reach those goals. You’ll leave the retreat focused and inspired to reach your big goals. (Value: $495)

→ Planned for Profit Goodie Box: It wouldn’t be a retreat without fun swag! A box full of planning goodies will show up right at your door to help you get the most out of your retreat (can you say Post-It notes?!?!). (Value: $75)

→ Downloadable Workbook and a Planning Poster: Get the step-by-step method of our agenda for the day, then keep your plan at your fingertips and in front of you all quarter long with your workbook and planning poster. With the Planned for Profit system, you can use your resources over and over (and over) again. (Value: $295)

→ Mama CEO: Action Board: Never wonder what you are supposed to be working on or get sidetracked by the million things you could be doing. The Mama CEO: Action Board keeps you focused one week; one day; one NOW at a time to keep you on track and your projects moving forward. (Value: $97)

Your Investment:

4 Hours - $595
Early Bird Price $495

Or 2 payments of $275

June 7th, 9am-1pm (PST)

I’m Megan,


I’m a Mama CEO and a business growth strategist. I’ve been working with clients for years to create strategic growth plans in their business that allow them to scale while still being present for the important moments in their families’ lives.

I’ve been known as the planner and the “Post-It queen,” and while I love those titles, what I want you to know is what my clients are doing after working with me.

My clients consistently double and triple their revenue, routinely sell out programs and pay themselves on autopilot.

They do this, not just because I help them plan, but because I give them a revenue strategy behind that plan. I’m here to eliminate stress and remove the overwhelm and point you toward great profits.


Let’s get to work together!

Give me 4 hours to get your business sights set on profits and a realistic revenue plan.

Here’s how our day will go:

Hour 1: Tap into what you already know works, set goals, and create your Revenue Roadmap

Hour 2: Create your profit focus and map your time

Hour 3: Understand your unique customer lifecycle and build your week-by-week Project Planner

Hour 4: Plot your projects and load your Mama CEO: Action Board

Plus: Plenty of space to do the work, get up and move and of course, refill your coffee.

Your Investment:

4 Hours - $595
Early Bird Price $495

Or 2 payments of $275

June 7th, 9am-1pm (PST)

You could plan on your own, but…

How many times have you meant to plan out the next 90-days and gotten lost in all the things you could do? How many times have you put off planning altogether?

Planned for Profit gives you a process to work through to choose your focus for the quarter plus the accountability and dedicated time to actually get your strategy AND your plan done.

>> Prioritize what’s important — and drop what’s not

With so many of my clients, it’s not about managing your time better — it’s about better choosing what you use your (highly valuable) time for. With Planned for Profit, we keep you revenue focused, while not losing sight of the rest of your life.

>> Know exactly when to start (and finish) your priority projects over the next 90 days

The clients I’ve worked with who have had the biggest success have one thing in common, and it’s not the plan…it’s how they implement their plan over the long haul, after the newness of the plan has worn off. With the system behind Planned for Profit, those big ideas are as good as done.


“I ran with the plan Megan suggested for my program and just broke the $25,000 mark on this launch of it.”

—Sara Walka

Your Investment:

4 Hours - $595
Early Bird Price $495

Or 2 payments of $275

June 7th, 9am-1pm (PST)

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