Welcome to the Mama Advantage!

Is being a business owner hard work? Yes.

Is being a mom a huge job in itself? Totally.

Put them together and I won’t lie…it’s a challenge. But I believe we are fully capable of loving and raising our families while loving and growing our businesses.

Each episode features myself and two amazing co-hosts who are Mama CEOs – women who are running businesses and raising families. We’ll discuss what the Mama Advantage means and how we are all practicing it, even if we didn’t realize it.

How to Focus, When You Can’t

Woah. Things are changing every day and all of us are in uncharted waters. One of the things I'm hearing from my clients and business friends is that focus is a little hard to come by. Whether it is because news is coming at a breakneck pace or your new ‘coworker’...

How to Take a Workation

This past week I completed my second “workation” of 2020.  This idea was born from a blog a business friend shared with me back in December around a freelancer taking every eighth week off from his client work to pursue his own creative interests. For him, it was...

52 Things You Can Outsource

52 Things You Can Outsource

Are you doing too much? If you don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do, it might be time to scale back . . . OR it may be time to outsource. I was resistant to outsourcing for a long time. I finally realized that outsourcing is a critical...

Your 2019 Goals Are WAAAAY Too Small

Your 2019 Goals Are WAAAAY Too Small

I bet you’re doing some planning and goal setting for 2019, right? You’re setting goals, you’re getting excited, you’re dreaming big!…. Or you think you are.   Mama CEO, I’m here to tell you: You should be dreaming bigger.   It’s easy to dream small. We want...

The Ultimate Mama CEO Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mama CEO Holiday Gift Guide

For all my Mama CEO friends,  I would like to gift you more hours in the day, childcare exactly when you need it, family and friends who get what you do, lattes and green juice to power your creativity, an amazing retreat with inspired women, and a year’s worth of Post-it notes. Wondering how to wrap those up … or what else you could give? These are some of my favorite things.

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