What if your business goals and family goals worked together?

The difference between a business that thrives and one that doesn’t is a plan – but as a mom, it can feel impossible to stick to something when you don’t know what life is going to throw at you.

Let’s be real: your business isn’t a stagnant entity.
It’s constantly changing with the seasons – and that seasonal flow of business is part of what trips up a lot of mama CEOs. Whether it’s figuring out how to maintain revenue during the summer while working around family vacations or how to stay on top of tasks during the holiday season, your schedule and what you’re handling in your business is constantly changing.

But what if the seasons of business didn’t have to affect your bottom line so much?

Planning quarterly is how you can gain the traction you want while maintaining your momentum sustainably. With a solid business strategy, a detailed plan, and the right structure to help get you there, you can create something that supports your life and your business.

That is exactly what you’ll get with The Mama CEO Method: A Guide to Your 90 Next Days. The Mama CEO Method walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a 90-day plan that will get you closer to your business and life goals.

And here’s my guarantee, you busy mama you.

You can complete your plan in an afternoon. With only a few dedicated hours of brainstorming and putting the pieces together,  you can move forward in your business with confidence.

Creating a 90 day plan with Megan was the best decision I made for my business. I was feeling overwhelmed and a little bit lost, but Megan helped me stay focused and aligned with my interests and passion and truly helped create a solid business strategy for the next 90 days and beyond. I was able to get so much clearer about what I want to focus my energy on and where I want my brand to be, and I am excited and at ease knowing that I have a solid plan. I will be back for more 90 days planning from now on. Thank you Megan!
Miriam Burke


I love that The Mama CEO Method is values based, but also has metrics. I like the prompt “how do you want to feel?”—and that you keep me honest with what do I need to do specifically.
Melanie Vetter

Founder, Wellfleet Circle

I’ll walk you through the exact method and tools I use to plan my own business in 90-day chunks and the strategies I share with all my private clients.

During this self-paced course, you will:

Build your goals for your business and your family around your values and priorities
Map out your time so you know exactly what can be done in a way that feels exciting and easy at the same time.
Know your numbers, so you make sure your driving goals are getting you where you need to be.
Gain clarity on how you want to feel to guide what you want to do in the next 12 weeks—in your business and in your personal and family life!
Create a plan and the specifics on how to get there!
We don’t stop at the plan, part two of the program walks you through implementation. Make a step-by-step weekly to-do list so you know everything that needs to be done and when you are actually going to do it.

The Mama CEO Method includes:

  • A 35-page downloadable workbook: This workbook walks you through everything you need to think about from a big picture plan to the specific details inside your business.
  • 12 short videos: Each video is designed with the busy Mama CEO in mind. I kept them short and tight to move you step-by-step through the workbook at your pace.
  • 10+ forms and worksheets: The workbook contains over 10 worksheets that you can use again and again to map out your strategy and stick to your plan.
    • 3 bonus videos to help you take your 90-day planning deeper by conquering mindset, planning your weekly workflow and looking at the big picture of your full year.

And the entire program is self-paced and always accessible, meaning you can use the Mama CEO Method to plan your next 90 days, and your next 90 days and on and on to business bliss!

Your Investment: $147
What people are saying about Megan’s Mama CEO Method:
The Mama CEO Method keeps me on track and makes me focus instead of being “all over the map.” It also prompts me to have personal goals as well as business ones . . .  and how to set goals and break them down.
Mary Gassen

Owner, Noe Valley Bakery

I knew what I needed to get done, but not how to manage the pieces. I discovered that every to do on my list was actually more like 10 to dos, which is why my list items always looked so daunting. I also realized that in order to achieve my larger goal there needed to be a significant shift in my approach, pricing and messaging.
Jacquelyn Warner


I have studied all of this for years and thought I was on top of it — even though I wasn’t moving forward like I had hoped. I was thrilled with the ideas and best practices that I wasn’t aware of, and it wasn’t overwhelming.
Tricia Dell

Fundraising Coach