Momentum & Mastery Application

This is a 12 month, VIP level group mentorship and mastermind experience
for Mama CEOs ready to elevate their business.

The Mama CEO Mastermind has become an invaluable part of the growth of my business…

I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level this year, and was specifically searching for a mastermind group and/or a mentor to help me achieve some outrageous goals for my business. Megan was recommended by a mutual friend and, after our first chat, I was confident that she was exactly the one I was looking for. The Mama CEO Mastermind has become an invaluable part of the growth of my business (not to mention my own personal growth) this year – I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Megan gets straight to the heart of the challenges we face as ambitious women (who also happen to be mothers). Her mentoring focuses on REAL action and REAL results – she doesn’t just give advice, she makes sure I have a plan. Working with Megan has helped me streamline my efforts and sharpen my focus, and the icing on the cake is the incredible team of women in the Mama CEO Mastermind group. Being able to connect, brainstorm and troubleshoot the obstacles of entrepreneurship with other powerful, motivated women has been an incredible asset to my business.

Marie Greene, knitwear pattern designer, creative instructor and published author

Every time I’ve invested in working with Megan, I’ve doubled my revenue.

I knew it was time to take a big step, and having her support and the support of the other women in the group has been worth it a thousand times over, both in my bank account and in my enjoyment of my business and my family.

Over the last few months my business has experienced a HUGE shift where I’ve really gotten clear on exactly the work I want to be doing and who I want to be doing it with. I FINALLY allowed myself to just follow the JOY in my business, and the doors blew wide open!

Natalie deGoey, branding and graphic design fairy godmother for creative entrepreneurs

I sold out my new program weeks after joining!

I knew needed accountability and guidance, and help with creating specific plans…Especially on this next step of my business journey.

Megan is a wealth of information! Sometimes I need guidance from someone with a clear head and a soft heart – Megan is amazing at what she does!

Shawna Clingerman, artist and illustrator

Had my biggest launch to date!

I needed structure in my business, desperately. I also needed a community of people that ‘get it’.

My favorite part is the community of moms that are handling life and business every day. I don’t have anyone else in my life that TRULY gets what it means to be a successful business owner and a work at home mom. There is always someone available to lend an ear, be a sounding board, or just remind you that you really are doing an amazing job when you need it most.

Plus, Megan is like a head cheerleader that gives you an emotional boost but also helps you get back in formation quickly. it’s all so good!

And since joining MCM last fall, I’ve had my biggest launch to date, streamlined, hired out and delegated social media, copywriting,  hired a personal assistant, opened an in-person classroom! 

Sara Walka, Head Magic Maker at The Sisters Enchanted

“Megan is a curator of really smart, lovely women who are ambitious yet warm-hearted. She’s got a good balance of woo with practicality that makes her the perfect person to help moms grow their business through planning and mindset work.”

– Beryl Young

“I took a leap of faith joining Mama CEO Mastery, and I’m so glad I did. I felt so alone as a solopreneur. It feels really nice to have guidance from Megan, but also the wealth of knowledge and experience from the other women and that sense of community that is so rare, but so vital to have a tribe of people who get it.”

– Erika Tebbens

“I was feeling lonely as an entrepreneur. Ready to run with the big girls, so to speak. Tired of being in these smaller programs or free groups and feeling like I was just giving advice all the time rather than actually be with women who I could run with and who could inspire me.”

– Janna Denton-Howes