You have ideas. Tons of them, actually. Really good ideas.

Know what else you have a lot of? Responsibilities.

To your family, your clients and to yourself.

You spin a lot of plates, don’t you Mama?

“I used Megan’s planner last night to set reasonable expectations around my accomplishments for today and that rocked! Totally set me up for success.”

- Parrish Wilson

I’m here to tell you, you can do anything you want. You just need a plan. A good plan saves time, money and sanity.


And what mom doesn’t need a little more of that? I know you love a good plan, and I have the solutions

Your Next Big Ideaplanning your next big project/launch

You don’t need another course, you don’t need more ideas. You need your idea…done. Make your amazing idea happen with six

surefire steps and the time you need to walk through each one. You come. You dig in. You’re done.

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The Mama CEO Planne2r


You’re running your business and caring for your family. You need your schedule, goals and inspiration all in one place.

From business plans to meal plans, the Mama CEO Planner handles it all.

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My Tiny Empire

planning something to sell
or editorial calendar

Sick of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best? It’s time to make a plan, Mama!

The Mama CEO planning tools are designed to help you get that idea out of your head so you can get it out in the world.

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Mama CEO Starter Kit


The whole process of going from business idea to business owner can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve got to keep the household rolling, too! Wouldn’t you just like for someone to TELL you what to do?

Get daily emails with step-by-step instructions to help you put your stake in the sand and declare yourself a business owner.

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Launch Like a Mother - a free guide for getting your big idea into the world

Launch Like a Mother

You’re running your business and caring for your family. You need to launch like a mother! Get your big idea into the world with impact and grace with this sanity saving guide. We cover your business and your family to make sure a single piece doesn’t get missed!

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