My #1 secret

to getting it all done

Does Planning Your Week Seem to Be Impossible?

When you’re a mom and a business owner, you constantly have multiple competing priorities.

That’s why creating a plan that supports both your life and your business is so important – AND why I developed the

Mama CEO

Weekly Workflow System

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Hey there, Mama CEO!

I’m Megan

I’m a business growth strategist and fellow Mama CEO. I’ve been working with clients for years to create strategic growth plans that allow them to streamline and scale their business so they can make more money and spend more time with their families.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life, owning a dance studio in college, writing curriculums for fitness brands, serving as a personal trainer, fitness expert, and presenter, and coaching other fitness professionals in building their businesses.

I found my true passion, though, when I saw far too many new moms being forced to make a decision: Either stay home with baby and leave that high-powered career they worked so hard for, or go back to work and leave baby with a nanny.

I’ve carved out my niche with moms in the middle: The Mama CEO with a big vision and great ideas who knows it’s possible to define what full-time business looks like in tandem with being a full-time mama – and crushing their former corporate salaries in the meantime.