If you have an amazing idea (and I know you do) that you haven’t made happen, take one day and get moving. Join me and other Big Idea generators on Google hangouts. Then get offline and get to work.

(I’ll be here for support).



Have a date for your launch

Have a detailed plan of everything you need to do and when, based on your schedule

Know what you’re doing and what you’re outsourcing

Know exactly what step you are taking next

Our follow-up session and accountability check-ins will help you keep moving forward to get your Big Idea out of your head and into the world.

Join me for this intensive work day and make your Big Idea a reality.

You have a great idea, you know people will love it. It’s exactly what your audience needs. It’s exactly what your business needs too.

Just one problem – when (and how) the heck are you going to get it done?

You’re busy. You have clients to tend to, a family to take care of, and a business to run.

Finding the time for your Next Big Idea seems too overwhelming, and so this great idea keeps getting moved to the bottom of your to do list.

That stops here.

You don’t need another course. You don’t need more ideas. You need your idea… done.

I’ve created a surefire 6-step system to get any idea done. And we’re going to walk through these steps in one morning together.

You come. You dig in. You’re done.

Join me and a small group of business owners to get your Big Idea into the world.


One thing I hear over and over again from my clients and business friends is “I have this great idea, but I’m so busy, I can’t get it launched.” or “There are so many moving parts, I’m not sure where to start.” And this problem seems to be universal no matter where you are on your business journey. Being decisive, finding the time, and knowing exactly how and when you are going to get your project into the world seems to be a sticking point for so many of us.

That’s why I created Your Next Big Idea.

When do we dive in?

Tuesday, 6/23 9:00am-12pm* PT / 12-3pm* ET

*Bonus Power Hour – Give yourself an extra hour. Block out until 1pm PT (4pm ET) on your workshop day and get that first thing done on your to do list. I’ll be around to help, live!

Tools + Focused Time = Action

This is not another course where you learn what you should be doing. You’ll get tools and focused time to actually get. stuff. done.

You’ll leave our workshop with:

  • A date set to launch your Big Idea into the world – No more putting it off, we’re getting this date locked in!
  • A decisive plan on what your launch looks like – Make decisions and feel confident moving forward.
  • A detailed to do list so that you know what needs to get done (and what you can outsource) – You don’t have to do it all! Plus, I’ll give you resources on who can help you.
  • A week by week timeline based on your personal schedule – You’ll know exactly what to be working on each week to move your project forward without feeling overwhelmed or frantic.
  • Support and accountability from a small group of amazing business ladies just like yourself – Your own personal cheering squad to motivate you through.
  • Plus, attend the bonus hour (or create your own) and get at least one draft of your sales page (or other pertinent piece of content done) – Get a jump start on the workload and get the hard stuff out of the way.

This is a hands-on workshop – not a listen now/do later lecture. You’ll be actually making decisions, creating, and working the whole time. Our day together will alternate between being on a live Google Hangout with your fellow Big Idea generators and me , then getting off the computer for focused bursts of quiet work time (and of course coffee refills).

“The workshop was designed for focused time and supported decision-making. It was exactly what I needed. This was the best investment of both money AND time that I’ve made in my business so far this year.”

 – Jules Taggart

“You know when you have those projects you would LOVE to do in your business… and they somehow keep ending up at the bottom of your to-do list? Your Next Big Idea finally got that project off of my list and into actual, exciting action that I know will benefit my brand tremendously!”

 – Suzi Istvan, Designer and Brand Strategist

You deserve a focused day for your business

You know what a difference your Big Idea could make in people’s lives. You know your Big Idea will move your business forward. It isn’t serving your clients or your bottom line stuck in your brain or your hard drive. Stop wasting precious time and energy wanting to launch your idea – make it happen.

Tell your clients, your kids, the laundry to take a number. It’s time to do this for YOU. Brew your favorite cup of coffee, order your favorite take-out for lunch, be ready. You’re going to dive deep into a day devoted to you and your business.

Everything is doable with a plan. Let’s make your plan – and start tackling it.

Tuesday, June 23rd 9-12 (PST)

Spots for our May workshop sold out quickly, so we created this June workshop to meet popular demand. Don’t miss your chance to join in – reserve your spot today!


Investment $195

Your Next Big Idea can be launching a new product or service for clients, planning a new podcast or blog series for your tribe, or creating a new opt in offer for your audience. Any Big Idea that you want to get out of your head and into the hands of your loyal people. Your Next Big Idea is the system and focused time to make it happen.

Your audience wants your Big Idea. You want to grow your business. You deserve to grow your business. You’ve got the idea. Let’s make it happen!

Join me for Your Next Big Idea.